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Sex type dream...

Was talking to girl while walking. and stuff. she was neat. yep.

She was about to go, and I was about to go to Allen, and I didn't even know her name. And so I waffled for a bit kind of wavering... should I go back, give her my email or something? I mean, she hadn't asked, but she seemed neat and she definitely seemed at least slightly interested in me. I walked back, intending to just talk to her, and instead ended up wrapping my arms around her in a hug... she was so small. Not like "oo, how much for the little girl" - but she was shorter than me (5'5" ish) and really skinny. She was really cute and I just ran up and hugged her. I think at that point she basically decided she didn't watn to catch the bus across the street. She told her friends to keep going, I think, and we turned around and started walking back to my room.
we were hanging all over each other as we walked in front of the krannert center. I mentally slapped my head and whispered in her ear that we'd have to stop by mckinley as i didn't have any... "ya know".

She looked at me and said "Why what would make you think that I'd be interested in that? I hardly know you." For a second I was about to apologize profusely... and then I saw the glint in her eyes, and the upturned corners of her mouth... it was a joke. I had a good feeling that I might be giving up my virginity when we got back to my room.

We kept walking, and we were hanging all over each other... I was nibbling at her ears, sucking at her neck, etc. There was nobody around (otherwise we probably would have been cited for public indecency. We somehow made it to the health center, tripping and giggling over each other the whole time.

I think the dream cut there. I don't remember if there was more. There was, at some point the explanation of how she got her name... she went by Amanda. But her first name was foreman... therw as some kind of story about an incidnet, where her sister got killed, and a foreman tried to save her or something. and so they called her foreman. with a decent middle name so she could go by that :P

God, she was cute.

[07:52:25] <asciident> bit, do you want to sex00r tydel?
[07:52:25] <Bit> YES
[07:52:32] <asciident> haha.
[07:52:43] <jc> bit, are you just horny right now?
[07:52:43] <Bit> NO
[07:52:52] <tydel> bit, do you LUUUUUUUUURVE me?
[07:52:53] <Bit> YES
[07:53:04] <tydel> bit, will you call the next day?
[07:53:04] <Bit> YES
[07:53:12] <tydel> whoa, I think I've found true love.

personally, i think true love for tydel might be the girl who DIDN'T call the next day, but what do I know.

[23:54:27] <chris> setting up a schedule for yourself where you stay up until people in the uk are awake, on a daily basis...
[23:54:28] <chris> not so smart.

luckily, my job lets me do it ;)

Now i need to leave for work. I had fun at great america yesterday, and will write about my weekend tomorrow.

<3 you alllllll.

jessical is longering her layover in chicago and i'll probably get to meet her. EEE.

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