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<jessica> chris, you're a strange, strange, strange combination of boy and man. :P

Yes indeed.

At work, I think about so many people. That's something that typing in zip codes all day does to you.

For example, the other day, I was paying a bunch of bills for shipping to Salem, Oregon. Now, that obviously makes me think of asciiSALEM and karl[gone].

I see someone typing in a bill to New Hampshire and immediately think jessical. A bill to onetea, new york (yeah, i fucked up the spelling) reminds me of kristan.

Florida is bertho, UK is usually adcott. France makes me think angelsk, although I don't know why. I think she was there for a while, wasn't she?

Colorado is ellen. Especially when I shipped something to Ellen Technologies in colorado. That was weird.

Kristan and Roy are NC atm. I never really realized kristan was in NH on more than an intellectual level - and like she said, home is wherever he is.

It's 5:30am and I'm not in bed. It's kind of nifty to watch the sun rise.

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HEY! I'm WAY more NC than ROy and Kristan. THe proof is in my accent. I demand recognition.

Whoa, what in the HELL are you having shipped from SALEM? O.O

Also! Jo was in France for a term (or was it a whole year?) for a study-abroad sort of deal. Nantes, I think, actually. :)

She's back in England now, and I think living with Ollie for the summer in a house somewhere.

I have no useful knowledge, but I can keep track of you people at least. ^_^

I type in invoices for Case New Holland. There was some place in Salem that was shipping a bunch of parts. I don't remember what it was specifically - there's a lot of different things that get shipped, from axles to wheels to metal to who knows what.

If I see salem again, I'll look at the address and try to write it down or remember. I remember salem specifically because i had to change about 10 zip codes from ending in 00 to ending in 01 so the computer would accept them.

Ummmmm ^_^

There is no zip code of 97300 [I have to assume you mean 973xx because all of Salem is 973xx ;)]. It doesn't exist (I double-checked the USPS site).

So, the postal service is probably going to be glad for the change.

Heh. The shipping companies that put together these freight bills aren't too good sometimes. Specifically, a lot the ones I was looking up from this company (I don't remember which it was) seemed to round off the last two digits when they felt like it. Made it a frigging pain to find places - I have to search thruogh a 37,000 row spreadsheet that has codes for specific shipping locations, and when the information i have is wrong, it makes it all the more difficult ;)

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