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So today, I was supposed to work at 4. luxtiger and I carpool to work generally. She was supposed to get back from Indiana, where she was at a wedding, around 2.

2 came and went. No erin.
2:30 came and went and I started getting worried. And depressed/upset. I was worried I was going to make a bad impression at work, I threaten to jump out a window on IRC. (Jokingly, in my mind, but people started to worry. I tried to correct that.) lala. I start callign people.
3:00. I call my mom and ask her if she can try to get home early and pick me up. Call everyone who might be home and have a car... fail to find anyone.
3:15 I call remedy and tell them that my car broke down, and i'll be late. find out remedy doesn't have schneider's number. I need to get that still.
3.18 mom calls back and says she'll be home in the next 10 minutes to pick me up. I pace for the next 15 minutes.
3.30 i walk outside. I had told dave to tell erin i was gone if she called after i left.
3:35: mom arrives. As she pulls up, I realize i forgot the leftovers i was going to bring. I run back into the house and get them, dave lets me know erin had called right before i came in.
3:40 I get erin's number, and call her. find out she's sick and not going to work.
4:08 I arrive at work, punch in, and find out that the manager of the night shift isn't even there today.

I was fairly productive at work. 69 bills per hour at one point. That's pretty good, considering I was dozing off at one point ;) I got a ride home from Dan, who lives in Braeburn North, where my aunt used to live (behind randall 16, for those of you familiar with the area). I listened to Jock jams for most of the night, which kept me awake up until about 11:30, when I started moving real sluggishly. I did do most of a box of SUs (sourced bills, really fast to go in, but there were a LOT of them) by myself pretty much, which was nice. I really like SU bills - i'm good at them, and when I get in a groove, I can go through huge stacks of them.

Before work, I did very little. Worked on press/staff.bml for plogs and attempted to satisfy all firewytchaaron's questions. (note: that's a pl-user tag ;)) Still waiting on a couple people to upload real pics for the staff page, otherwise, it looks pretty good. Quips can go in later.

Listened to some music really loudly. Tool - Ænima, specifically. Discovered that the mp3 version I have (labeled learn to swim) plays through my stereo, while the wma version does not. This means that i can hear the mp3 version downstairs, but not the wma version. (not really important, since they're the same song. just mentioning). Also, my left speaker on my stereo is out, as i learned when listening to... um. something. Ah yes. Matrix Soundtrack - 05 - Prime Audio Soup - Meat Beat Manifesto.

Last night I kind of got in a fight with Sarah. I said some things that I really should have said a long time ago, but I chose a really shitty time to say them. Hopefully, I can get a car on wednesday and pick her up after her band practice, and talk to her about them. *sigh* I feel... all blah.

However! jonfmorsejonfmorse is the newest Charter Member! And check out his journal! That's right, now supports importing journal entries from any other LiveJournal-code based site! (Majorly huge props to xb95 for that. It's incredible that to me that he wrote a tool to do that :-D). We'll let jon poke at it in the morning and check for bugs, but after a bit of work, it seems to be an almost carbon-copy of his original content.

The saddest part about switching to a journal would be losing the comments though. I have so many in this journal that mean so much to me - I could never delete it (or let LJ delete it) if I could do anything to stop it. This thing has so many memories for me, and I would never want to give it up.

Got in kind of a "fight" with evan over the post McClane made out of a commetn of mine on He took it to email and made it a bit more rational discussion. I still see him as part of the "in crowd" with brad, though, so I don't know. Some things he said just kind of hurt. Like the fact that he doesn't think I should call myself a developer. I suppose we just have different definitions (I know it) but still. Meh. Whatever. Not ready to reply tonight. Mark did, but I'm just not up to it yet.

I really need a new journal layout. This one is too dark. I want something lighter. Maybe a blue. And functioning EntryPages that have neato links and stuff.

lalala. New task: Coding up code to allow for sponsored communities which allow a certain number of people to post. Created only as closed communities, and adding users checks a userprop on the comm to see how many people it can have (and whether it exceeds it yet). Easy way to let groups use a group plog without having to each pay for their own. Keeps costs down while letting the group aspect of work to our advantage.

Oh right. I'm writing this post on LJ. I forgot. Maybe I'll post more about that in my Plog later.

I'm working on staying up later so i sleep later in the day, in hopes that I'll be more awake at work. I almost dozed off tonight, and that would be bad :( I plan to talk to larry about how i've been a bad employee (sick on friday, late today), get a phone number for schneider, and tell him it'll never happen again, tomorrow. Tomorrow. tomorrow. yes.

And now, I will go to sleep, and close my blinds, so the sun hopefully doesn't wake me up at 9, cause that would suck :)


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