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Memes are interesting things. In just a few days, ljmatch has already updated their hardware/software twice to accomodate use. Granted, the application they're using is pretty processor instensive (since I'm fairly certain they don't cache the results at all), but tahts' still a buttload of people hitting their site.

Another meme is the barcode thing that's going around. This post introduced adcott's barcode generator, which allowed me to generate a unique identifying barcode for my journal:


I'm nerdy enough to think it's really cool, and not nerdy enough to have any clue how it's done.

The spread of memes is a strange thing. I don't know why some seem to succeed so well: memeing out lj interests is always a good one, and there are several others like that. (My interests list sucks. I added a bunch of shit back in july and i've never changed it, really.) 231 people and 2 communities list that interest, all of them directly or indirectly related to rahaeli (she was the only one to list it to start.)

Memes are weird. But powerful. the ability to influence the way many people view their friends page is nifty. I'm still thinking about adding a tagline to syn feeds mentioning ;)

pthalogreen 106%
thebubba 106%
jessical 102%
thewildrose 102%
emmavescence 102%
dougb 102%
pezstar21 102%
sarah_mascara 98%
roy 98%
adcott 95%
jackola 94%
tydel 91%
bertho 91%
tenshisama 89%
_voided 87%
kangarooofdoom 87%
aiobheil 87%
veux 87%
firewytch 84%
bobert225 81%
hermione_like 80%
asciident 76%
acerbic 72%
rho 69%
spratt 65%
kamara 65%
siren52684 65%
ratkrycek 61%
comeseptember 54%
skinglist 54%
How compatible with me are YOU?

I want trackback on lj. i suppose i should finish inbound for first. But before any of that, i need to do some testing for sponsored comms.

I'm feeling better, but still very dizzy when i stand up. slept most of the day, which helped me feel lots better, and i took some dayquil around 6, so i'll be somwhat awakem, at least mentally, for a while. i might even post again, i have more stuff to say, just too lazy to type it right now. and I need to pee.

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