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i feel like shit.
I'm really really sick. I called into work, and i took some nyquil. I need to review a fairly large bug for plogs for implementation before we update to cvs (which I would really like to do so I can have my auto-pinging interface live). So, hopefully i'll feel better and be able to review tonight. Right now, i'm in that dizzy lightheaded stage that comes before you conk out due to drowsy making drugs.

I feel like such shit. I hate being sick. why now? I was looking forward to the weekend. *sigh* anyway, if i'm in a pissy mood, please try to let me be, because i probably will be for most of the weekend.

I wonder when i get paid.

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I hope you feel better :( I've been sick lately too and it's no fun.

::sends chicken soup and Vibes of Feeling Good::

*ftps chicken soup* Drink lots, get plenty of rest, and all that other good stuff people tell you when you're sick. :P I hope you get better soon. :)

I hope you feel better soon, w00bie!!!

:( Get well soonies

*sends a few orange ice pops down the phone wires*


I'd come visit you but I lack the ability to.

*snug* Feel better. =/

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