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almost real

No, work didn't kill me. No, the new Great America roller coaster (Superman) didn't either. I haven't even been spending time away from the computer - I've been reading all the entries on my friends page, and commenting when I feel like it.

I'm still here.

Work -
I'm working for Schneider Logistics, in Sugar Grove. This is about 30 minutes from my house. I work second shift, which means 4-12:30, so I'm gone from around 3:30 to around 1. The way it is right now, I leave fairly soon after my brothers get home, and I'm back after my entire family is asleep. It's the perfect way of avoiding the family for the summer without needing to make excuses!

Only one problem with that though - i miss my family. I miss seeing them, and I miss eating dinner with my parents. It's like college all over again, except I'm in my own house. I don't know whether that's good or bad. But I definitely feel like more of a social recluse than ever before. No one is awake when I am, or if they are, they're working.

Life -
I'm lonely. Especially with my work schedule, I find myself wishing that I just had someone to cling to in real life. Because of that, I've ended up doing some stupid stuff with my life. But meh. I almost feel like I need to throw myself back into being social, but I don't know how much that would help, or how I could do it even if I tried. It's just... mer. I want a new life, but I don't know how to make it for myself.

Friends -
I've been talking to luxtiger more than anyone else, because we're both working for the same place. We share rides and all that, so we talk a lot. Other than that, I haven't really seen anyone. I saw [Bad username: fracturedfaerie"> for one night before I started working, and I]. Other than that, I've just been a lonely soul drifting through life. I don't know what to do, I don't know who to do it with. My friends have just... I don't know. I don't feel close to anyone anymore, and I probably shouldn't because they never really wanted me around in the first place.

Car -
The cadillac was an utter whore last night. It decided that the gas should just fail to have any affect on the movement of the car for 10 seconds out of every 60. Which means I ended up having the car decide to DIE several times in the middle of an intersection. No regard for me at all, that car has. With a bit of luck, I made it home alright. I will no longer drive that car until it has been carefully examined by a liscenced professional. Until then, it just deserves to DIE.

Headlight -
Here's a horoscope, for everyone. If you drive a car with a headlight out late at night, YOU WILL GET PULLED OVER. How do you know this, you might ask? Well, the 3 cops who pulled me over in a 3 day period would indicate that it is the case.

On tuesday night, I was out driving with luxtiger on some back roads. We were going about 60-65 in a 55 zone (out on/near 47) and as i passed by a car, it turned its lights on. Not headlights, but red and blue flashy lights. Yes, my friends, I was about to have an experience with the Kane County Sheriffs department. In preperation, I unbuckle and root around for my insurance card and whatnot. The officer asks me "Do you know why I pulled you over?" Assuming it was for speeding, I respond reluctantly, "Yes, I guess so, officer" and he explains, "You have a headlight out." ...

A headlight? Not speeding? Maybe no ticket? No way!

"Uh, no officer, i didn't know about that."
"Yeah, you were speeding a bit too, but you weren't breaking any world records."
"Well, thanks for the information officer. I'm really sorry about that."
"Can I see your liscence please?"
"sure officer"

I handed over my liscence, which was broken in two. (it's snapped in half - i don't know how. I need a new one). He takes it back to the car, runs it, and staples it together for me, then brings it back and tells me to have a good night.

This guy was, honestly, probably the nicest cop I have met. I would be glad to be friends with him. He let me know I should keep my seatbelt buckled when I get pulled over, so cops don't give me a ticket for it. He was a great guy.

Anyway, erin and i were out until about 3:30-4am. As I was coming home from my house, I saw a cop turn (from the wrong lane) to follow me up the road to my house. Being cautious of my speed, I drove down randall, acting perfectly normally. He got stuck in the left lane as I was turning onto redhaw, and so, in order to follow me, he decided to turn right from that lane. This upsets me - although I understand it's legal and all, I really feel that police officers should obey the law unless it's really neccesary not to. Even at 4am, turning right from the left hand lane, just because you couldn't get over soon enough to follow me, is dangerous and unneccesary.

Anyway, I continue to my house, pull into the driveway, and turn off the car. the cop pulls up behind my driveway and parks there. I'm futzing around in the car - I mean, what sane person is going to get out of his car when there's a cop sitting behind him? Anyway, he eventually walks up to me, and I ask him if I can help him (same way i did the other cop).
"I just wanted to let you know your headlight is out."
"Yeah, thanks officer, i already got pulled over once tonight for it."
"you givin me attitude?"
"Excuse me?"
"You think I should wake your parents up and tell the myou're giving me attitude?"
"No, sir not at all."

And so on. Basically, the guy was a jerk. He threatened to write me a ticket over the fact that i made a joke about getting pulled over twice in one night. He bitched at me about my broken liscence, and he told me to curb my attitude. That was shitty.

Thursday night, I was driving home from work, and got stopped, again, because of my headlight. this time, the guy interrogated me about my insurance card, which I couldn't find. He wasn't a jerk, just concerened.

So yeah. Fix your headlights, people! Don't get pulled over 3 times in 3 nights!

LJ -
I hate it right now. I don't know what it is, but I think it's largely the administration. I'm attempting to hold back from snarking, but I'm really doing poorly. I'm doing a lot of work for, and I'm beginning to like it more and more over there. Luckily, i have my friends page to remind me about why I'm really here at LiveJournal: The people. You guys are some of the best people I've met online, and I love reading about your trials and tribulations. kuangning (Which i only just now realized isn't aiobhell) wrote a post about how all her friends are amazing. I feel the same way. Without you guys, I would be a sniveling mess. So... thanks. You guys rock. You'll never really know how much you mean to me, I don't think - most times I don't even realize it.

Plogs -
Nifty features going live :-D Trackback outbound is live on the site, autodiscovery is in cvs, mark is working on setting up ability to post to "sponsored" journals/communities and importing journal entries, I'm going to work on inbound trackback... it's all so quickly advancing, and I love it. I love coding something, having Mark review it, and then having it go into CVS. I love when McClane notices the site, and a ping sent my emily. I love when someone I've never talked to before says "I want to be an employee of too!" I love that we have a client for the site based not on Visions, but Semagic. (So haha blurty.) I like being in the know for the site, and I like everything about working for a site that isn't LJ. If there's one thing that makes me really happy, it's working on and for, and with Mark and the entire team.

College/People -
I miss Christy. I miss musicbox1983. I miss having people around and to talk to at 4am when I went to bed. I miss my friends. I miss having a life, or at least some semblance thereof. I miss college.

Meh. I'm kind of out of real things to say, so for now I'll just wander away.

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