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LJ vs. Plogs.net
All community posters are currently displaying as null. so, it will say "Posted by " instead of "Posted by crschmidt".

It appears pages are randomly returning as 404 or 500 errors.

Translation strings are not being loaded, so many pages will only have boxes or blanks, with no text where things should be.

Friends completely unavailable.

Pages loading incorrectly.

This is LiveJournal.

New site scheme.

Dedicated, available staff.

Fast servers.

Increased usability.

Decreased Price.

This is Plogs.net.

And look at all of you, still using this place as your primary journal.

(By the way: more code going live tonight. should make things faster. I'll believe it when I see it. So, expect site brokenness.)

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If I could afford it, I'd buy a plog, just to make you happy.

S'okay, I just like to plug ;)

I'm here for the community. This isn't my main journal anyway. ^_^

'Sides, I didn't know what plogs was until just now; I couldn't figure out why in the world you were talking about the stupid little cardboard chips from middle school... Man, that game was stupid. ^_^

Those were Pogs :)

Plogs.net is a business and professionally oriented, paid user only journalling service maintained and run by a team of employees headed by xb95, formed in part due to a reaction to shitty behavior by the management of LiveJournal.com and in part to fill a market niche not yet filled by other companies or journalling services.

Oh, right. Pogs. I knew that... Uh-huh.

As I'm currently (and maddeningly) unemployed, I can't help you out. :\

breakdown... shake from me... (la la more lyrics i'm probably misquoting)

plug plug plug
i finally decided to purchase some time for my account
which means it needs a nifty style. i put an old style up for now but i want something plogs-specific-cool looking so i dont confuse it somehow ^_^;;;

Re: breakdown... shake from me... (la la more lyrics i'm probably misquoting)

lol - yeah, i need to change my style too. because i keep getting the two confused. jesse was asking irc whether there were any problems with lj... i was like "not at all, and it's hella fast!" then i realized i was on plogs.net ;)

Plog whore!

I'm manic manic manic tonight. I'll send a check or something in a few days. Just so my Ashley account over there can actually get used.

Manic manic manic. Stuffing. Distracting self with LiveJournal crap. Yay.

(Psst...you lied, it's severely slow. In fact, nothing beyond the main page will load. And every other site I'm at is being fast for me. So there.)

Yeah, unfortunately, right after i posted that, ALTER took a dump. (Traceroute to www.plogs.net, you'll see that it stops before it gets to us.)

So, what you're seeing right now is the result of 65% packet loss. For every bit that gets through clear, 65 get lost. Unfortunately, of the 37 people i asked, only you, mark, myself, and one of my friends in texas has the problem. Definitely enough to worry about, however, it's not anything we can do anything about.

What you need to do is find another site that your pings travel through and compare to that. Like i said, it's not affecting most people, and it's not 100% so there's very little that i can figure to do about it :(


Are you okay? You're not on AIM, or i would have imed you. *hugs* Email me if you need to talk. or give me a number: I have free weekends, i can call.

Is this *your* primary journal?

Depends on your definition.

Is this the place where I write about my personal life, things that are going on with me specifically, emotions, etc.? Yes.

Is this the site I enjoy working with the most, enjoy the people on the most, etc.? Not at all.

Plogs.net is where I work. It's a really fun job, but it's completely seperate from my daily grind life. This is where I post for all you pleebs to read about my fandom info. Chat logs. etc. Things you don't generally see in a more professional blog. This is my personal life.

Plogs.net is where I do my work. I explore perl and other programming languages, I explore implentation of nifty features, and I keep up with other people doing the same thing.

Is this my primary journal? I don't know. I don't write a lot in http://crschmidt.plogs.net, but I write more in other journals (pl_biz, pl_dev, news) over there than I do here.

So, I suppose that is my primary posting journal, yes.

Just wanted to clear that up. It's nice to know you think so highly of all of us.

Aww, you're taking it the wrong way.

This is where I have all my friends. This is where the people whose journals I like to read are, this is where I started my real journalling experience.

I keep you on my friends list not because it's convenient, but because I love hearing about you, and I love having an interaction with you. You specifically, as well as everyone else on my list.

I met you through and because of LiveJournal. This site was my home base for a long time.

But on LiveJournal, i do interact with people, on a daily basis, that I don't like. There are a lot of people who I work with on the LiveJournal project, who are not my favorite people in the world. I don't interact with them much in my journal, (I can't even keep up with the people I DO like, because there's so damn many) but I do interact with them in other ways.

I do work for the site, which is what I was basing this on. In my work for this site, there's people I don't like. In my work for Plogs.net, there isn't, and that's where I spend most of my time.

And my "primary journal" thing was just a jab anyway ;)

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