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crschmidCourse Letter Grade

I also got a B in EALC (My japanese cluture class) which is not unexpected but pleasant. Let's see... B in Math225, no grade yet in my two CS classes (no big surprise, since less than a third of my non-exam coursework has been graded yet in one of them.)

Start work tomorrow night. Erin says it's not horrible, which is a plus. Will carpool with her one way or the other to work on friday.

Saw Sarah for the last time (besides weekends) for the next couple weeks. She's got school, I've got work, and all that jazz. It was fun. we watched that thing you do, which i've never seen.

Last night I implemented serverside Trackback Pinging and on my goathack. I need to design a user interface for it, but it works. It works, and it works well. I also set up new entry notification emails. All part of the new ESN system I'm designing for I don't understand why this process has taken so friggin long. It's not that difficult ;) I doubt my code is clean enough for LJ, but it's probably the cleanest perl code I've ever written myself. I'm pretty proud of it, and I couldn't believe that it actually worked ;) Need to design some new pages. Will work on that today sometime, I guess. Most likely between 2am and 4am ;) The last two nights, that has been my major hacking time: I'll come in around midnight or 1, dick around for a while, then get down to work.

I'm still so excited that it actually works, and does what it should. *cheer*

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