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LJ is broke. Don't expect anything to work like it should, because you'll probably be disappointed. For example: all those of you who generally have your journals set to post friends only? They might not right now. THen again, they might. So, be aware that when you post you should check the security of your post. Or just set it where you want it manually ;)

I start work on thursday. This means that I won't get to see megan's graduation :( I'm kind of sad, but I told them I'd start, because I don't know when the next oppourtunity is going to come. *sigh* That makes me really sad. I really wanted to go, but such is life.

Erin and I are working for the same company, but we're coming from two different staffing companies - her from Paige Personels, and me from Remedy Staffing. I like hers better, but Remedy set me up quicker, so they win :) Kyle from Paige called me today, and I was like "Yep, I just got a call 15 minutes ago to set up my first day of work". He was really cool though! He told me to call him if that one doesnt' work out, because he really liked my resume (Yay!). So, that's a plus, at least. I don't know if he has anything else right now, but it's still good. I'm fairly proud of my resume ;) is working hard to make this month's rent. If you are looking for a different kind of service, or know anyone who is, please let me know ASAP.

In addition to working nights, from June 12th to 23rd, i'll be working 8-3 durign weekdays for swedish days. So, I'll be working 14 hours a day and getting about 6 hours of sleep. I'm getting prepared to die already :(

Odin (heterosapiens) is down. This means the CSS for supportlounge is down, as well as the images in my support_pics entry (friends only) and the CSS for my journal. So. It's broke. Not anymore.

I'm really upset about missing megan's graduation. I was excited abouto seeing it. I wish I could have just said "no" and waited for another opening from remedy: I'm sure there would have been one. Apparently, people are just walking off the job. Leaving for lunch and not coming back. But I suppose this is just one of the many sacrifices I'm going to have to make this summer.

I hung out with fracturedfaerie last night. We went to starbucks, saw Down With Love (which was good. Ewan McGregor is definitely getting typecasted after MR though.) and then just drove around for a while in her pretty car. We also stopped by pie_is_good's house, because she was all depressed about ruining her car a couple days ago :/.

I like money, but I hate work. That's a bad trend, I think.

luxtiger: My first normal day of work is Friday, we we'll have to hook up carpools starting friday.

It's nice out. I'm listening to loud music in my messy room, and trying to figure out why it bothers me so much that I'm not going out of town friday. Maybe I'm just not looking forward to actually starting this job. I don't know. But I do know the money is really good, and I'm very happy about it. I just wish it didn't have to interfere with my life.

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