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Sycamore Speedway. Kind of dull night, but still fun. It was kind of cold out there. Did see a couple idiot cars - one backed up into the barrier for parking spaces, and one drove off the 3-4 foot drop (didn't see it?) and got his pickup truck stuck. Saw three fires while I was out there. Took Sarah home, she isn't online *sniff*. but that happens when you get home at midnight. oh well. Gotta work tomorrow from 3-9, and sunday from 4-9:30. *sigh* i hate that job. (Jewel Bagger)
Still waiting for an answer from sarah's parents on whether she can go camping. I'm really hoping she can. I know I should just say "well, it's oppourtunity for growth before college, to learn how it's going to be." But I got enough of a taste of that over the past 3 days. I'm not looking forward to it. But I'll live. I'd just prefer to do it once, not just for a week. So, I hope it works out. Waking up, and seeing her... It'd be nice. I don't want to, like, have sex with her or anything. Just spend time with her. and this would give me an oppourtunity to.
Let's see. I think that's it for now. bedish time.
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