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A job!
So, I have a second shift data entry job starting either this Thursday or next Tuesday.

40 hours a week, 9 bucks an hour.Schneider Logistics. First shift will be 5-1:30 AM for training, after which I'll be working 4-12:30 shifts. This is the same job that luxtiger got, so hopefully she and I will be able to car pool and all that. We drove by it a couple nights ago when I took my driving trip in the middle of the night. It's about a 20-30 minute drive out to a warehouse in the middle of nowhere.

My 10key scores were about 8700, which is more than the 8500 neccesary for the job. Not nearly as good as the scores I got on the web/java applet, where my scores were:

Ten Key typing Score
Keystrokes   KPH*    WPM*  Words  Errors   Seconds   Date 
1071         12852   24    122    4        300       19 May 2003 10:51:10

Normal Typing Score
Keystrokes   KPH*    WPM*  Words  Errors   Seconds   Date 
1279         25722   63    190    7        179       19 May 2003 10:07:59

(from tools at http://www.thycotic.com/typing_test_demos.html).

But it was good enough! I've got the little piece of paper with instructions on how to get there and all. And roy did some quick math based on my numbers, and he got this:

<roy> news, 40*9*6
<News> roy: 2160
<roy> news, 2160*.23
<News> roy: 496.8
<roy> news, 2160 - 496.8
<News> roy: 1663.2

So, I should be making $1663.20, after taxes, after my first six weeks of work. It might be able to extend longer than that, depending on how things go. So, hopefully I can do that.

Later today, I"ll go over to Geneva and ask if they need some help from 9-3 or anything like that. It'd probably kill me to work two jobs, but the money would be a good thing, and if they need the help, I'd do it. They were really flexible with my time last year, so hopefully I can convince them that they want me to help them again ;)

Still, even if that doesn't work out, this job will give me more money than I made all last summer. So, that's definitely a good thing ;) That combined with the job I'll have during the year will help me feel a lot better about not being troublesome for my parents with money.

Hopefully erin and I will be hanging out tonight for coffee, especially since our schedules are completely oppisite, so we won't get much time to hang out except for weekends this summer. Bah. Working a regular-hours job is going to be so different. I'm used to retail where I got like every 3rd day off, and never the weekends...

Ah well. I'm glad I've got what I've got, and am really hoping it all works out.

Oh, and pie_is_goodSarah: I'm getting a season pass now. So count me in on that family pack thing, if you haven't gotten them yet.

This friday, I should be going to Megan (Sarah's cousin)'s graduation. She got tickets for me and all, and the Remedy Staffing people said it shouldn't be an issue - even if I get trained this thursday (which is about 50/50 at this point) I won't start work until monday, so it should all be good.

Yay for a job!

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Normal typing score

User Keystrokes KPH* WPM* Words Errors Seconds Date
Maryam13323218276190314919 May 2003 13:22:10

wee :)

show off? me? no, not at all.

yay for getting a job, chris *hugs you* :)

Congratulations on job! Woo!

User Keystrokes KPH* WPM* Words Errors Seconds Date
Melinda 1482 23297 50 191 21 229 19 May 2003 13:38:36

It's a good thing you changed the question mark after "Sarah" to a colon. That was confusing the shit out of me.

Doug yelled at me. So I changed it. :P

yay for job! boo for bad hours, though. ew. you call that regular? ;)

Dude. You made it my NAME. How'd you do that? ^^

I'm assuming that's 4PM to 12:30AM? Since you're asking geneva for 9-3 and it was like 8-4 or something last year....I can't remember, I was basically dead most of the time you worked at geneva. ;)

at any rate, that makes it hard to go to GA. since going on weekends sucks ass and getting back by four is just annoying. ;) but we'll see how that goes. and if your job doesn't get extended, you'd be done by the time i get back and stuff....yeah, just me calculating about getting to GA. ;) ignore me. i'm going to my second to last day of work soon. also, just something for you to think about with season passes. yeah.

I'm assuming you and erin are actually hanging out since it says so, so my other assumption is not with me. ;) ah well. still upset over the car thing which is why i wish we could, but you haven't seen erin in a lot longer since last time you saw me ;) the dent is a lot bigger than i thought. :( yeah. didn't have to take my test, fortunately--doc was gone and i sat in the commons all hour and talked to liz.

coming to megan's grad---we're leaving at like 2:30/45ish from my house. my dad would probably come get you earlier than that so that we can leave then because we HAVE to be there by 6:30 at the very latest and 6 would be better and if we want food, then yeah. need to stop some. ;) i don't know when we'd be getting back the next day.

i'd write more but i really need to leave for work.

congrats on the job!
Id take the test, but its not working for me

yeah, congrats on the job :)

I spent most of today wandering around acquiring and filling out various job applications, actually. So hopefully I will have a job for this summer too. ^.^

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