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Well. some things off my chest.

1. Physics final is over with. I flunked it (48/100) but there's nothing I can do about it now. I just need to wait for the grade and see if I flunked the class or not.

2. Brad finally got back to me about the job. The paperwork is taken care of; I am gainfully employed for next year.

3. I am starting to be packed. Stuff is getting into creates, and things are starting to empty out.

4. Mark is back online more, which means is moving again. We have S2, we have a new color scheme (Envy), and we're working on moving to CVS. This is all very good. Granted, we have not enough business yet, but this is something that I'm hoping to work to change when I get home.

5. I got up the guts to call Geneva. They have someone else that might be working, but Mary Kay told me to get in touch with them on Monday when I get back. I'll probably just go by - no way they can say no to my cute face, right? :)

6. Only two more finals. EALC 150 in an hour, and CS231 tomorrow at 8am. Neither of which I am particularly worried about. Although I really should go to sleep before 5am this morning. I've done a lot of studying for EALC, and I feel fairly confident about the stuff from the second half of the semester.

7. I connected with one of my friends last night. I feel like next year when I come back, things will be different, but they won't be worse. I'm going to have a different set of friends, and that will be good for me. Hopefully I will be rooming with ndrumm (look, another journal I created that probably won't get used!), barring any stupidity from housing.

8. I get to see Erin and Erin and people when I go home. We will paint the town red and make this a good summer.

So, although there's a lot going on right now that sucks (like flunking finals, leaving friends behind, saying goodbye, so on), there's a lot that's good too. Friends like littledownpour, juniperesque, musicbox1983 aren't going away, even if things do change, and that's a nice thing for me. And by going home, I'll get to see people like luxtiger, fracturedfaerie, pie_is_good... and that's good too. Next semester I'll have a job. This summer hoepfully I can find a job. And hopefully I can take time to enjoy it.

Hm. I just opened a run box to type in a URL and totally forgot what I was going to go to. OH! Pictures. I took 80 yesterday. Lots of pictures. Some of them are crap, but I like some of them. I also took 20 more last night while sergio/meg were playing SNES. I'll upload those tonight.

40 minutes til my final. Wish me luck!
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