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Quick update

sincelastjuly made me an icon, but it really applies more to her than it ever will to me.

Erin - I love it. Truly. It is stupendous, and thank you.

For those of you who don't know Erin:

Erin is another one of my friends. We started talking in a FAP chat once, and since then we've talked pretty much daily. Not always about interesting things - oftentimes it's dealing with relationships, Past, present and future. Erin is a confidant, a survivor. A friend in need is a friend indeed. etc. Erin, you have been there for me everytime I have been there for you. You mean a lot to me, and my only regret is that you live so far away.

Erin is wonderful.

In other news, of more interest to those of you who don't care about my friends...

Pictures. Random shots while wandering around campus before a test, available in a Gallery Album. I've been updating the Gallery with daily albums, so if you haven't been watching, feel free to check those out. Cole left some comments on them. They're pretty funny ;)

Tests. Final on Friday went fairly well. I think I probably got a mid-high B on it, which should mean a B for the class. Two finals tomorrow, One thursday, One Friday, then I'm done.

Kams Takeover. If you didn't check out the pictures, you really should. A description of what it actually was is: "Wear something to distinguish yourself from the normal KAM'S-goer and get ready to dance (or to freak out some drunk people). The goal is to compeltely change the atmosphere, so tell your friends, foes, or random weird-looking people on the street." Kams known as being the dirtyiest bar around. It's been featured in Playboy, for gosh sakes. So, we wanted to change some attitudes. I was asked several questions by the bouncer on the way out... "Why are weird people weird?" and "You're gay, Right?" I had a relaly good time though, and I'm really glad I went. It was quite enjoyable. I may actually go out to a bar for a reason other than to stir things up at some point, but that point is not right now. Now it is finals week.

Going out. Thinking about going out tomorrow night after physics final. Only have two finals left after that (and the entire wednesday to study for them) and they're not difficult at all. I had plans to try something on Saturday that I didn't get to do, because the person I was supposed to go with had finals. I'll see what djzenisek thinks.

Friends list. I'm probably going to clean up my friends list soon. At school, I can keep up with about twice as many friends as I can at home - the slow, sucky internet (yay dialup) at home is just bad for trying to keep up. Plus, I'll hopefully be working and not have as much time for journalling.

Local People. If you're on my friends list, and I'm on yours, and you haven't met me yet: Stop by. 191 Allen Hall. I'm almost always here, and if I'm not, I'll usually be back soon ;) Poke me on AIM before you stop by if you like.

Laundry. I'm going to do laundry before I go home. Need to wash the clothes vered lent me: they stink ridiculously of smoke (That's what I get for going to a bar.)

Drinking. Since I'm mentioning Kams, I might as well mention that I did NOT drink at all, nor do I plan to (although it wouldn't have been difficult). I don't like the thought of losing any part of the control I have over myself, and I know that I probably would. So, unless it's a glass of champagne on new years after I'm 21, I think I'll stick to being sober, kthx.

Movies. Paul is a rockstar and is letting me grab backup copies of a bunch of the movies I have at home. Ethernet is a beautiful thing, let me tell you. I have a bunch already, and I think my hard drives are going to be full before I go home.

X2. The movie is good. It's got a fairly good plot, a lot of really good scenes. I'm looking forward to seeing it in the theaters when I get home, if I can hook up with someone who wants to go.

Matrix Reloaded. I've been avoiding previews/trailers, because I know that if I touch them, I'll be really sad because I can't see it the first day. Such is life, they say. I'm really looking forward to it though, it looks to be an awesome movie. I <3 keanu reeves as Neo.

Reminder. and all related subdomains will be going DOWN for the summer starting May 17th, in the afternoon/evening sometime. If you need hosting space elsewhere, let me know so I can get you set up now. This includes all people hosted by quackkwak! If your image is hosted at , please let me know! This most likely will affect lonelyemokid, and possibly some things used by nostrademons, as well as others of you. Please, talk to me ASAP!

Plogs. Go buy one. Go tell your friends to buy one. Go tell your parents to buy one for their business and show them how nifty they are. We have Plans underway, but getting there is hard. Lots of work to be done, and no time to do it. Hoping to do some work on that once I get home for the summer.

Employment. I'm having a lot of trouble getting ahold of the PCC position guy. I'm supposed to fill out paperwork, but I'm having problems getting there on time. I've emailed him a couple times, but it's gotten me no response. Generally, I'll email him and 12 hours later he'll send out a mass/form email to all the new employees, rather than just answering my question. This is getting frustrating, and I don't know what to do. I'm afraid if I don't get this done soon, my position is going to get yanked. Need to also call Geneva and check out swedish days stuff. I've emailed them and left them a message once, and no response. Hoping I can get that job, otherwise I'm majorly screwed. Don't know what I'm going to do this summer. Need money. NEEED money.

Road Trip. I think this is basically out of the question at this poitn, which sucks. I want to go, but I just don't see myself getting a good job and enough money to take one. It sucks. I don't want to work at jewel again. (I guess this is still employment. Tough.)

Emotions. Confused. Worried. Concerned. Happy, but scared. Wondering what to do. Wish I could do something useful, say something useful. Wish that I could share.

Today. Woke up late, messed up time for getting to PCC position. Alarm clock didn't do what it's suppose to. Bummed around - email, friends page, comments in a blurty. Haven't done much else. Should pack. Going to study for physics. Made a journal for danny while writing this entry (djzenisek).

I think that gives you a quick update on where I am with a bunch of aspects of my life. And I love this icon.
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