Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

This is a test

Testing weblogs pinging. I'm pretty sure it doesnt' work. But I'm testing anyway.

- <weblogUpdates version="1" updated="Sat, 10 May 2003 15:36:01 GMT" count="994379">
<weblog name="Kunstspaziergänge" url="" when="6" />
<weblog name="Soul gardeners" url="" when="7" />
<weblog name="Ecademy" url="" when="8" />
<weblog name="Journal d'un Esprit Tordu @ U-blog" url="" when="10" />
<weblog name="Krank? Livin' in a hightech World" url="" when="11" />
<weblog name="Das ist nur ein Weblog." url="" when="12" />
<weblog name="" url="" when="13" />
<weblog name="Emamavalali's blog @ PersianBlog" url="" when="14" />
<weblog name="ClownTech" url="" when="20" />
<weblog name="click here for hot action!" url="" when="23" />
<weblog name="" url="" when="25" />
<weblog name="Shahabenab's blog @ PersianBlog" url="" when="29" />
<weblog name="BlueMentor:Analysis" url="" when="37" />
<weblog name="Clarinet Goddess" url="" when="37" />
<weblog name="WNJ - Web Design Japan and" url="" when="41" />
<weblog name="cloudtravel" url="" when="42" />
<weblog name="FLAT-CHAT" url="" when="42" />
<weblog name="Mind Streaming" url="" when="46" />
<weblog name="J Bravo's Radio Weblog" url="" when="46" />
<weblog name="Diary of a Madman" url="" when="46" />
<weblog name="Sasha & Andrew's Roundtable" url="" when="61" />
<weblog name="View from the Right" url="" when="63" />

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