Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt


Allen Hall Kams Takeover.

Okay, so we didn't really take over, but I did have a damn good time.

I'm too tired to sort the pictures right now, but they're all there.

Also, I've taken approximately 150-200 shots over the past week. They're all available from .

Other interesting things of note today: Hot Hot Slashfic about my exgirlfriend, CS 225 final that went fairly okay for once, seeing tuling after exam and hanging out and talking to her (she looked really cute, should have taken a picture), it was entirely too hot (86 degrees and muggy), No more finals til tuesday, need to clean before photographer comes to take picutres of sergio (2pm tomorrow) hoping to take danny out tomorrow night, and if not him, maybe convince neil to go so i can take some pictures, etc. etc.

Now I go to shower, and to sleep. Gotta get the makeup off and all :)

Vered - thanks a ton. I had a great time, and i'm very glad i went. *cheers for wyvernbitchVered*
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