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Digital Camera
My dad just shipped my digital camera! *cheer*

I'm so excited. I'm going to go all over campus and take pictures of everything. I'm going to go hang out with people and take pictures and take pictures of lots of ugly things and it'll be so fun!

For those of you that have images hosted on peanut, it went down earlier this week due to a UIUC firewall being implemented. Sergio and I have petitioned to have this firewall removed (actually, to be moved to a less firewalled group) and so peanut should be back up sometime this weekend.

If you want to track my digicam, you can do so at http://wwwapps.ups.com/ietracking/tracking.cgi?tracknum=1Z610X610368097878 . It hasn't been stuck in the database yet (i guess).

I have a shtiload of homework to do, and I haven't started in the slightest. I want to go to triad tonight, but i shouldn't, but i know if i don't go i won't end up doing anything anyway. Blah. I'm out of things to say. I'm tired.

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(Deleted comment)
When it gets here. Should be monday afternoon. I'll comment at you or IM you or something, and tell you to come over. Or I could leave my room and come to where you are. THat might be interesting ;)

Are you going to see Triad at all this weekend?

YAY! :)

*glomp* you're going to have to run around with it again when you get back to stc. cause i want to run around and take pictures! why? it's fun. well, not taking pictures for i suck at that. but like when i ran around stc with derek. ;)

and this keyboard SUCKS. ><

there's a "\" key where the edge of the right shift key should be. how annoying.

My keyboard on my computer at home is like that. and the \ that should be directly above the enter key isn't there. So I'll go to hit \ and hit enter. quite annoying.

Don't you have a digital camera?

yes, but i can't take it anywhere. i'm not allowed to.

LJ is broke atm. it's a known issue. open a support request and die ;)

I don't open support requests. I ask you! ;)

YOURS works. :P

*nod* Only the poster icon is being populated in the userpic information, i don't know why, and to tell the truth, I don't care ;) I'm testing a recursion bug in s2 code.

I just realized how much I DON'T comment... and now I feel bad. I haven't been posting much anyway because I feel like things are just too messed up to even put down... but I don't know, maybe I'll give it a shot. I hope things are going well. That's awesome about the digital camera, by the way. I wish I had one! Well, see you around...

ARGH. I am so jealous. I've been wanting a digital camera since foreever. :: intercepts the package and steals the camera for hersefl ::

That would be herself. :: bows ::

Ooo...I miss mine. My little (little being age-wise, not height-wise) sister took it back home a couple weeks ago, and I want it back!

You know, I still need to randomly drop in on you sometime. ;)

You wanna go to Triad tonight? I think I"m going to leave in about an hour and go over there.

Photography is so interesting, its amazing what you can do if you're good with a camera. My sister (mooflyfoof) is the photographer in my family, she takes really good pictures. Most of the time I'm not interested in picture taking. Sometimes I have really bizare things I want to do with cameras, but they're usually also things that I usually can't do - like taking a picture of a huge field, but not from the ground; instead from a helicopter looking down at the ground. That would be so fun.

I want to apoligize for what I did a while ago. After the april fool's day thing, you were wanting to delete your journal, and you did for a while. And I, being my foolish self, suggested that you rethink it because I deleted my journal a while ago and brought it back. Its a really bad habit of mine, to meddle in other people's business like I did then. Its your journal, not mine, and I shouldn't have been giving you advice when you didn't ask for any.

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