Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

I love...

I love being right.

It doesn't really matter what I'm right about. This came to mind because of a specific instance earlier tonight, but basically, I just love being right. I love telling someone something, having them disagree, and then proving them wrong (or even just finding out they were wrong). I love saying to someone that "I'm sure of this" and actually meaning it. it's just a great feeling.

I love college too. I haven't really mentioned that lately, but I thought about it when I walked home tonight. I was like... where else in life can I be walking aorund at 1am, and not only not have people not care, but also see other people out and about. Where else in the world can I see people playing football in a parking lot past midnight, where else can I walk by a couple of people just sitting out in a field talking at 2 in the morning - and not even be considered weird?

Where else can I sit up late at night webcamming with my friends, commenting at brad (he dropped me a line in this thread) and etc. Playing with S2 just so I can make things prettier?

I'm going to miss college this summer, but hopefully I can take a little bit of the attitude and lifestyle with me. I've got a bunch of friends who are going to be at home who are used to this life too - maybe I really will be able to wander around St. Charles without feeling out of place.

It's just so... different here. It's so many things you wouldn't even think about, but you do anyway. I ran down, ate dinner, and came back in 7 minutes today. I ate quite a bit of food, but I wanted to get done quick so I could get some work done before I left for D&D. and I could. and that's neat.

I also love being first. I love being the leader of the pack, the first to do something. That's why I feel so nifty when I do things like . You can't really tell right now (mostly becasue comment stuff is in CVS, but not live yet) but that's an actual journal entry. See the content at for the same page with comments. That's right, my entry pages are themed now (well, can be. They aren't quite yet). I'm probably one of the first people (besides brad himself) to implement this kind of thing. That makes me feel nifty and neat.

I've also got a calendar view on my lastn ( which is nifty beyond belief. I've changed the format of both my recent entries and lastn pages around a bit, moving the userpics into the actual entry body section rather than seperate. This means that I can have the userpics display on my lastn page when the cvs change to do that goes live, which is neat. I might actually start using relevant userpics when that happens ;)

I'm a nerd wannabe, and I love it. I love working on code, I love debugging, I love running through things finding out what's wrong with them and fixing them. I love making things work.

I love power. I love having the ability to change things at my fingertips, and being able to change them as I want to. I love being the first to think to do something, I love being piotned to as an example.

I love a lot of things. And goddamn am I in a good mood. I should really do some work, or get some sleep, but I've done neither. I've watched public access TV porn via karl's webcam, i've been on the webcam for several hours myself, and I've played with different things. and now I'm writing a post, and I have class in 4 hours. and here i sit, typing and playing with aspi and all kinds of stuff that isn't anything to do with school :)

Lala. There was probably more of a poitn to this, but I don't give a rat's ass, to be honest ;)

Bedtime? maybe, maybe.
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