Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

S2 rambling

<3 to S2.

There's a lot of things still buggy about S2, but I just did something (after a lot of mucking around) that I'm pretty sure would have been darn near impossible without a mess of CSS and other things like that.

If you look at my journal (crschmidt), you'll notice a list on the side of Links to different things... and at the bottom, you'll see the first 20 characters of my most recent 20 subjects.

That's right folks, I just added a subject listing to my LASTN/Recent Entries page. And that's friggin nifty.

Another thing that I DEFINITELY couldn't do before: . A month view. In my style. So Friggin nifty.

I can't wait for comment pages to be editable. First task will be to edit the style I made for Leora (relevant comment) so that she can read lj-cuts without squinting, then to make mine pretty and matching.

Still, bugs in code *sigh*. Things like the alternate() function not working right, and the text for the Month view viewname is an empty string. The comment print functions fudging things up all over the place. It's not the cleanest system in the world yet.

I'd also like to see more views implemented. Basically, I want to be able to display any page that displays information about me to look like my journal. I want my userpics page to look like my journal, my memories, my userinfo, everything. It's getting there, but I don't know how far brad plans to take it. I sure do hope it's farther than this though ;)

Anyway, I'm just muttering on, and it's late. time for bed. see ya'll in 6 hours or so.

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