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Comic feeds
Okay, so a couple of feeds needed moving from queech to a new server, and i offered odin. Then, i asked if people wanted any other comics, since i had the script set up and everything. then, i figured i could fix the broken weblogs feeds (not realizing there were about 20 of them) and make that better. Then I started taking requests in comments to my syn_promo post. Then, I compiled a list of all the feeds that I had made.

And so now, I give you the biggest list of comics hosted by me ever. Since it's the only one. But yeah. Feel free to add them all to your friends list and whatnot.

ozyandmillierss, thenorm_feed, angsttech_feed, pvp_comic, userfriendlyrss, pdicomic, fireonmountain, goats_feed, sluggy_feed, luann_comic, sinfestfeed, boondocks, doonesbury, foxtrot_feed, reallifecomic, megatokyocomic, calnhobbes, nonsquitor_feed, dorktowerfeed, kevinkell, errantstory, pennyarcaderss, dilbert_feed, fbofw_feed, someposifeed, littlegamersrss, cathy_comic, boymeetboy, adamathome, freefall_feed, dailygarfield, helen_comic, babybluesfeed, lizardcomic, snoopy_feed, zits_feed

Boy, that's a mess of LJ-user tags.

The reason I'm bragging about this is because I've probably spent about 6 hours making all these feeds and whatnot. And I feel proud that I can do that. and stuff. It was fun, but timeconsuming, so i feel the right to brag. Yes.

Just look at them all! all hosted thanks to roy"!! roy" rocks. A lot. and stuff.

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That is a mess of LJ user tags.

nah, it's not a mess. it's nice an orderly. a mess would be if someone made a bunch of lj tags that were broken and not finished and confusing and stuff. yes. *nods*

You rock!!! Thank you!!! :):)

caution is recommended

You'll be getting a minimum of 840 requests a day from these, though realistically you're looking at around 1500-2000, taking into account for independent news aggrigators and such.

Requests from LJ style sites won't suck up much bandwidth though, it's the news aggrigators that are the problem. Annoyingly, some of them don't respect HTTP 304 responses and perform a full refresh on the feed each time, so if I were you I'd keep an eye on your user agent logs.

Re: caution is recommended

I'll talk to roy" soon and have him look over thigns to make sure stuff is okay. I'm pretty sure he's not too worried about it, since he has people sucking his mp3s 24/7, and he hosts movies and other things like that. Odin is fairly stable, and gets about 50 kb/sec.

If need be, I may move them to somewhere else, but I think it'll be okay. Like I said though, I'll talk to him. Thanks for the heads up.


::jumps up and down!

Just wanted to say that I'm adding you as a friend. Don't feel obligated to add back (I'm pretty damn boring). And if you really hate me, just lemme know and I'll remove you ... fast! ^_~

Many hugs!

It's cool. I can't guarentee I'll add you (god, my freinds list has gotten so huge) but after this week/as things start winding down for this school year, I'll look into it.

In any case, you're free to read my journal - it's probably about 80% public (and the stuff that isn't is usually depressing ;)) and i always love having more readers.

Hey, not a problem! For the most part, my journal has been pretty depressing as of lately ... but we're hoping that will all change (my friend's little girl is in the hospital).

But since you do have some public posts, I'd really like to keep up with 'em. And you will have access to all my posts (as my entire journal is Friends-Only). But if you decide to not add me back, I promise I won't hate you or hunt you down and kill you. ^_^ (See, I'm nice like that. LoL)

But thanks for replying! ^_^

You totally rock. Now, I don't suppose you know of a feed for La Cucaracha?

Just wanted to say thanks for this, now i don't have any excuse for forgetting to read my favourites every day. Thanks!

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