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Chris Schmidt

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So fucking tired.

I am so effin tired, I can't even describe it.

I think I just fell asleep for 30 minutes, and I didn't even notice.

Ugh. So tired. SOOOO tired. So tired.

Christy, I lova ya, babe (in a completely platonic way, of course, fran) but next time, I'm going to sleep. It was amazing to make you feel better, and it's a great feeling that I love... but waking up the next morning sucked. (God, I make it sound like we had sex! I didn't! I swear. aw fuck. *makes shovel motion as he digs himself deeper and deeper).

I went to an interview thing.

It went well. I had to make a word document, format it, and ftp it. hard stuff. </sarcasm> I find out if I got the job early next week.

i'm so tired. oh, and i flunked my physics exam. 56%. I did some math - if i get a b or better on the exam, i should still get an A for the class. Still, a 56%? that's friggin awful. I feel so dumb. *sigh* Next semester, I'm gonna have to find a tutor for physics or something. luckily, I know E&M worse than just about everything else, and that's what we're doing right now, very much - i'm much better with optics, which is what next semester is.

Just need to study my ass off for the final.

Can someone tell me why my crontab isn't running on odin?

crschmidt@odin:~$ crontab -l
5 16 * * * perl /home/crschmidt/ /home/crschmidt/garfield.cfg > /home/crschmidt/scripts

Is there something there that shouldn't work? It just doesn't seem to run. (it's set to run at 4:05, and it just isn't). I don't like it.

Going to go crash some more now. Should find some good music to put on first. What's good music to sleep to? I dont' even know. I never take naps. So weird. so tired.

burr86 is coming here tomorrow for math stuff. We're doing lunch. And stuff.

I'm still so tired. someone fix me.

I'm going with american beauty music. soothing, but still enough variation to keep interest until i drift off.

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