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[irc] s2
[11:42:11] * christopher kicks s2.
[11:42:15] <christopher> DO WHAT I WANT YOU TO DO!
[11:42:31] * Isabeau is now known as s2
[11:42:33] <s2> No!
[11:42:36] * s2 bites chris!
[11:42:38] * s2 is now known as Isabeau
[11:42:40] * christopher cries.

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Awww. *pets Chris*

Depending on where it bit you, would you like me to kiss it and make it better? ;)

I say this because Michael dropped his sax in his lap on tuesday(his neckstrap failed him) and it hit his crotch, he went "owwieee" and he asked me if I want to kiss it and make it better.

Just posted an entry with more info about it.

Basically, it's the new style system. Replaces something you didn't have before with something way more complicated ;)

Kind of like a replacement for overrides.

this is why i'm continuing to pretend that s2 does not exist.

First you're playing with it - now your kicking it. What next? Gratuitous sexual favours when it works?

note to self: keep /nick s2 on the clipboard all night

Pretty much, yeah.


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