Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

Entry now yes not lj-dev

I'm an idiot. Thank god for moderated communities.

After fucking up a post a couple time, Semagic got left on "lj_dev" as the "journal to post in". Because of that, I got all mixed up, and when I attempted to post this entry, it went to lj_dev.

However! Because of the new community moderation put in not too long ago, I got saved! The following entry was not seen by the public, and instead rejected due to the fact that it seemed like a "personal entry" (amazing, since it WAS).

Exam 1: Phys 112, 5:15-6:45
Exam 2: CS225, 7:00-8:15

Then D&D til midnight.

ANd I haven't eaten anything yet today.

I'm fucked.

My journal is now S2, and it looks pretty good. Ya'll should go check it out. Peace, I'm outta here. Have a good night.

juniperesque: Thanks for stopping by, and sorry I wasn't here. I got your message on my board (obviously) but wasn't around. As mentioned in this entry that I TRIED To post before I left, I was gone from 5:15 to 8:15 test taking, and then I headed out to a D&D session taht went entirely later than it should. We started an hour and a half long battle at midnight (when we were AT a stopping point) and then we all had to level up - I just got back 20 minutes ago ;)

I have a coupel things written up in my calculator (a to-do with S2 list and a journal entry I typed after my physics exam), so I'll put those up soon or something. Yes.

To whoever rejected my lj-dev post - sorry for looking like an idiot. And thanks for rejecting it :)
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