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Like Disco
To all the people I met tonight - y'all rock.

People I met (so far as I remember):

And that's just the ones I know usernames for!

Feel free to comment here. I won't bite, I swear.

It was so fun. I met a usenet legend, hung out with most of the like disco crew, and saw the most awesome platypus invitation in the world. I love improv, and I love improv people.

Oh, and the shirt finally got me recognized. "You! You're the guy! With the shirt!" why yes. Yes I am.


2 exams tomorrow. CS225 and Physics 112. Then D&D (yay!). I went rummaging at the rummage sale today and came up with some "interesting" purchases, all of which I'm very pleased with.

Edit: I'm a fucking moron, and a large majority of these comments are based on the fact that I got two different users confused (that's what I get for not asking questions for fear of looking like an idiot).

*sigh* I'm so dumb. Really. I am. *sigh*

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I'm a former-Disco person and Allenite, and I added you to my friends list. I've been in self-induced term-paper-hibernation for a week and a half, which is why you didn't see me tonight.

Yeah, I picked up your adding from the joule, and added you back. Thus my comment earlier about my TWO FUCKING EXAMS tomorrow *sigh*

Sorry. Not pissed at you, of course, just at life. I saw your name on the userlist for allenhall, which I've been pimping left and right, and so I knew you had to be cool.

Welcome to the insanity that is my life. I alternate between deperessed-ness over my previous relationship that I'm still getting over, and being a HUGE nerd, and plugging for a company that I "work" for. I dont' make money there yet, thus the "" ;)

So. Uh. Hi. you might want to avoid lj-cuts. they tend to be scary. like pictures of me crossdressing. and stuff.

Too much information whee sugar high on life!

I'm glad that you had a good day, Chris. *underwater moo of glee*

*moos right back at you*

EEEEEEEEE!!! You finally used it! Blurry name and all!

*swims around in circles*

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
I mess up the apostrophe way more often than I should.

It's obviously been corrected now.

I say it a bit because of my mom. She grew up everywhere (she spent high school in highland park, also known as "chicago suburb anytown, usa" )because she was an army brat. As such, she's got a bit of a southern accent from living in florida or something like that.

I pick it up every now and then.

I completely agree.

Yay for your good mood, Chris. I hope it's still there. :)

(Deleted comment)
Right, cool kids like Ethan and his pizza-bearing mom? I notice how the mom got more applause than anyone else in the club. Same with Tim and darren. :)

I saw segfault, but I didn't pay much attention to it. I'm downloading it at the moment to rewatch it, since I have no clue what you're talking about ;)

I'm not a big nerd, really. I'm just a big LJ nerd. There's a difference.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
I'm not a big nerd, really.

*spits out food as she's giggling madly*

Liar. ;)

You are too.

You like sci-fi, computers, plus you were in nsml, fps, scholastic bowl, and who knows what else for fun. You're a nerd/geek/whatever. ;) So am I. Woo. ;)

I was going to add you last night when I got back at my computer, but then I saw you'd added me already! So I'm just commenting to say you're a bunneh! ;D

Oh! Have fun at D&D, good luck on second exam since you're either taking or finished the first, and...

Point of comment: I just noticed the "interesting purchases" par tand wondered what they are...;)

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