Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

lalala - allenhall, etc.

Oh, and I forgot to mention - I write journal entries in class. Paper, calculator, whatever - I just need to write, all the time. I don't even have anything to write about, but I still do.

I think I like the way I look with the polo shirt tucked in better. I just feel more 'professional', I think, which is the reason I bought the polo in the first place. I like looking like an employee of LJ, because I feel like that puts me 'above' the million other LJ users. That's one of the reasons i like being at Plogs: I'm one of the 'big boys' there,d and that's a fun thing to be.

I think I'll go to Like Disco But Not Really tonight. Ryan pimped it in allenhall earlier this week, andit'll keep me out my room for a bit longer to study. I can always grab a seat in the corner, and just work while paying attention.

My Japanese culture Prof doesn't seem to have any kind of sense of time. He just talks and talks sometimes. And this is when I started paying attention to class, so that's the end of the entry. I think I"m going to go out to the rummage sale and buy some clothing now. Yes yes.
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