Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

LJ nerd

I'm sitting here, wearing my LiveJournal shirt, writing php code for an invitation code generator, as well as the admin page. I'm importing my old invite codes into a database so I can track them, and I've already given away two invite codes to the Allen Hall community.

I've already started putting together a style for the community, and I've written down a couple invite codes to carry with me just in case some stranger asks me for one.

I'm THE source of invite codes for most of my friends (non-support, obviously), and I'm constantly getting more (it feels like). I do support, I code, I check my friends page constantly.

I make friends in real life get journals. I list my journal in my sig file, and I work for another LJ-code based site. I have a goathack, and I know what a BML block is.

I think I can be officially declared an LJ nerd now. Who's with me?

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