Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
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Matrix Trailer Spoiler

Behind this cut is a LARGE spoiler page for the Matrix Reloaded Trailer. It includes screenshots totallying quite a bit of data, and can take up to 5 minutes to load on a 28.8 dialup connection. I did this mostly because of a post by a friend, but I figured I'd stick it here cause that's what I do with everything. I'll be editing it slowly to remove some of the extraneus parts of images, and pretty quickly i'll have a link for each picture to the bigger versions of each of the screenshots.

Enjoy if you like, but you've been warned that it's heavy in spoilers if you're trying to stay away.

The blackness fades and we zoom up to a wall of glass windowpanes. Just as you feel you are about to break through....
*SMASH* Trinity flies into the air from the window, falling what appears to be many stories as she fires round after round into the Agent falling after her.
Morpheus: "Here we go"

A plug is inserted into Neo's neck, bringing him into The Matrix, and Neo materializes. A door slams open, and 3 agents walk into the room. They attack, claiming that Neo is still... "only human".
A series of fight scenes, showing everything from neo kicking ass to Morpheus jumping atop a semi trailer.

Morpheus states: "All our lives we have fought this war. Tonight I believe we can end it."
Two men in white, with all blond dreds are shown, who then morph into ethereal beings.
Trinity: "That's a nice Trick"
In what appears to be a car chase scene, an ethereal twin flies through the air and through the car that trinity and Morpheus are driving.
Agent Smith's triumphant return is shown, with Neo's statement of "Now he's found a way to clone himself." Morpheus questions "So now there's more than one of them?" Neo's response is... "A lot more."
We see Neo spinning in the air, supported only by a straight stick that looks almost similar to a bo.
This quickly switches to Morpheus swinging a blade of some sort at and through the two twins.
This is followed by Trinity offering a previously unseen businessman a ride on her bike in an effort to escape, in a high speed chase into oncoming traffic.
The scene changes, and we are informed that "The machines are digging" in an effort to bore directly to Zion. Morpheus states that there is only one way to save the city: "Neo."

In effort to console himself, Neo consults the oracle. "What happens if I fail", he questions, searching for an escape. "Than Zion will fall," she replies, unable to offer any further consolation.
Trinity explains to Neo that "They need you." His only reply is, "I need you" as he embraces her in a passionate kiss.
A car chase ensues in which we see an Agent who needs not run: he jumps from car to car in an effort to catch the renegades. Once again, an etheral twin appears for but an instant before dissapearing into nothingness.


This is followed once again by a myriad of fight scenes and explosions, as Morpheus questions "What if the prophesy is true?" If the war could be over tomorrow, isn't that worth fighting for, and whether it would be worth even dying for, as we see an explosion of agents coming out from hundreds of others.
This fades to the Matrix title screen, which turns into neo flying over what appears to be a mountain castle, and we are informed once again that this movie will be available on May 13th.


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