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It's 7.50 am and i've been awake for 20 minutes.


*cough* excuse me.

So, before class, I really need to edit my paper (see the previous entry for more information. And edit it ;))

Last night... oh boy. So I was working on my paper, right? And around 9 i decided i needed a break: the paper was coming along nicely, I had 3.5 pages done, etc. everything was going fairly okay. So I figured I'd take a break. chill out for a bit, catch up on IRC, etc.

And we started talking about how I pronounce names. It started because emma was "semi not here" and i was thinking what emm and semi combined would be, and i realized it was like "sema". So I said "sema rhymes with emma" and people started to disagree. I pronounce the following names incorrectly:
avva, sema, isabeau, rahaeli, bertho, nyxie (i think? she didn't confirm or deny). So, I went through and did all that. (http://peanut.sytes.net/voices/names.mp3 , http://peanut.sytes.net/voices/names2.mp3). then, it just kept going from there. I was having fun and REALLY didn't want to work on my paper so I started recording random sound files. I didn't have a decent one of my voice, so i made a new one. (http://peanut.sytes.net/voices/chris2.mp3) and I still wasn't ready to go back to my paper. So, I started to moo, then I told some stories. I told the everlasting cow story, the cheese story, and a little diddy about icecream. I then started to talk about how i'm not gay, and everyone loves to hear about Spratt's flying pig. From there, I moved on to talking about people. From Isa to bubba to mortaine, I told a bit about them. there was, of course, my sound reply to doug, explaining that I'm NOT psycho, despite his protestations. I gave halfawake a piece of what i think of him, and gave jaz a bit of what i think of her. Janine is just a great person all around, and we can't forget the cryptic sister themselves, who couldn't decide individually whether they wanted a sound file or not. as a result they got a combined one.

So that was my night last night. Oh, and adcott? You sound like john lennon. I even said so.

Oh, and if you haven't heard them before, I recorded a sound file of my voice, as well as me singing "never there" by cake, and this is how we do it by montell jordan.

Ever wanted to hate kylecool just a little bit more? Now you can hate his voice too!

And for those of you who missed it before: I was once called the "C-man" on live radio. Don't believe me? listen to it!

And now I go for breakfast!

(if you can't play mp3s, most files are also available as wavs. http://peanut.sytes.net/voices/ lists the files.)

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bahaha you only talked about me in your gay clip.. sigh. right next to kylecool even.. :(


ps: like half of the links didn't work. :)

3 files i forgot to convert to mp3, plus the missing of an r in never.


must...click.. links. (apart from kyle link well duh)

commentflirtspam. Oooh, my flirtspam wav as journal background - should do that for a laugh or something..

THAT would have been a funny April Fools Joke.

Or take some random guys voice and link to it as your voice. ;)

*has idea*

*goes and does*

Should I be scared?

Meh probably. Seeing as though I scare most people with my daily stuff anyhow :)

Good point.

So long as it doesn't insult me, I won't mind ;)

Nah :)
I wouldn't do that ^^;

Nutso :P But no, it's not insulting. since you don't say it's me and all :)

You can even do that if you'd like. I don't mind. My voice makes me laugh :)

Outlook is being a bit and making IE think this entry doesnt exist - so if you get this three times, sorry.

Refresh page :D And I think I could do this all day - cos I'm sad. And I'm going to keep this one up there because I'm sad and lazy :D

*listens to "not gay"*

Pig beasts? :P And I am soooo disappointed.


haha I love your halfawake. :p

I'm alarmed and shocked at the notion of that an emo's voice is barely lower then mine.

You have a lovely voice.

::curses the state of Illinois::

Why are you cursing Illinois? What did we ever do wrong?

It's the state of Illinois that prevent me from meeting you in person. Roughly ninety percent of it lies between us, I'm thinking.


Okay, I did not mean that to sound stalkerish at all. I swear.

you're hysterical, and now I know what a Chris sounds like :D
And now you know who my rant in my journal was dedicated to :D

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