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I'll write about last night for 20 minutes, then I will get dressed, go to lunch, come back, and do some work on my paper before classes.

I had class yesterday from 2-4, after which I went over to Doug's to do character creation. I started with nothing but a name (Epyon), class (Bard), and Race (Human), and came out with a fully created character with a full set of knowledge, skills, and an elaborate back story.

I always wanted to be a performer. I wanted to travel to different cities, maybe be a court jester even, to see the world and do what I was good at: telling stories. I had always been the one out to entertain everyone, and my friends loved it. However, I wanted something more than the one-town living. Wanderlust, perhaps, or just a draw to something... more. However, from the time I was 16, my father was adamantly against it. That was when my brother dissapeared. I was told i would never be able to leave home, to go far away. My father hated the fact that he might not see me every hour of every day. Some might call it love... to me, it was prison. I couldn't ever follow my dreams. My mother understood me: she knew I had to leave. But she was totally subservient to my father, and there was nothing I could do about it. On my 21st birthday, i came into my mom's room, gave her a kiss, and told her I was leaving. She was willing to accept it. She knew I had to go. I left, and haven't looked back. I've been gone for more than three years now, wandering the countryside from place to place, stopping in cities, performing for what I can, stealing what i can't get otherwise, to take care of myself. I've become a handy dissapearing artist, and I always seem to know what's going on. I settled down in one place about a year ago now. I'm a regular in Karyn, a medium sized city. I have friends there - other street artists and con artists and merchants alike. Not everybody likes me, but everybody knows me. I'm a street performer, or a dissapearing artist when I need to be. I live with the world on my back: enough food for a week, enough equipment to keep me through any situation. I'm always looking for something new to do.

I'm 5'11", 140 lbs, with brown, shaggy hair, and mischevious green eyes. When I hunch my shoulders, I can dissapear into any crowd. When I smile and get that magical glint in my eyes, I can pull a crowd to me faster than anyone.

Like I said, I'm a bard. I'm skilled in getting information out of people: I have such useful skills as "move silently", "listen", and "gather information". I have stronger magic than usually via "empower magic". I can use musical powers to convince others to be stronger, more courageous, and many other things than they typically are.

Last night, we started the campaign. A blinding blue teleportation flash brought us all into a portal, where we were soon attacked by giant netherworld demons. Luckily for us, sword wielding huge guys came through another portal and started taking them (since our attacks did absolutely no damage to the one we had coming at us). We then fell backwards through darkness into another world. None of us know where we are, or what our goal really is.

We landed in a forested glade, and made our way down a path we found (we encountered 3 foxes baring their teeth at us, and were forced to kill them, which we did easily). We wandered to the north, then north east, to a cross roads. The two labeled directions led to Rystarn (6 miles) and Krizam (35 miles). We first went to Rystarn and spent the night, after defending a beggar man (Missan) from 3 bandits who were trying to steal his pouch. We recieved a map from this beggar who told us there was a shop in Krizam where we could get adventuring supplies. Our Druid purchased a jeweled dagger (2+1d4 damage) from a shopkeper in the market. We were generous with the innkeeper, recieved a good room, and a good night's sleep (except we forgot to take off our armor *sigh*). Decided to head to krizam the next morning, and ... went to sleep.

I'm out of time :) there's a whole 'nother day, including an ambush/encounter with 6 bandits in the middle of the night, that I haven't gotten to and will tomorrow.

And now, food. Then, a paper.

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