Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

Why do I have this?

Why do I have a journal?

It's not really for me. It never has been. Oh sure, I kept one before that was just on my website ( ... warning, it's... scary. I've also moved everything over here, so there's no need to use it. look around my first journal entries), but even then, it was just a toy, not something real.

I moved to Free Open Diary after that. Why? Because my friends were there. Because they had a neat setup that let me interact with other people, through commenting, through reading other journals. I started getting involved with the blogging-type world via that.

And over last summer, I joined a Yahoo Group, METMA. Muggles for Equal Treatment of Magical Articles. A Harry Potter group that I only joined because my girlfriend (now ex-girlfriend). They all had journals, and they'd always talk about the latest meme, or their friends pages, or whatnot. It was a primary method of communication outside the mailing list - comments and entries. Commentwhoring abounded. etc. etc. Plus, people were always looking for "teh c0eds!" - LiveJournal Invitation codes. I thought I might be able to do okay in support and get codes for some friends, and I knew I got some for paid time. So I bought an account.

I never really expected this journal to become what it has. For me, it's a way to communicate. Everyone from my mom to my best friend reads my journal. I've met hundreds of people through the site, and I enjoy talking with them all. I've formed a community here, to the point where the activities of yesterday seriously affected me ;)

Someone recently told me this journal doesn't accurately represent who I am (as much as hers does). I won't disagree. This isn't a personal log, it's a public one. And that's always been the case.

I love this site, I love the people on it. I love being able to just type type type type type, and people will READ it. People will see it. People already do. I'll write this, and I'll get a bunch of people to comment and so on. And I love being able to write things like this.

This journal is about things in my life, but it isn't really about my life. It's just a neat way for me to communicate with others. And I like it that way.

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