Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

It was a Prank, not a Joke

No, I did not delete my journal as some April Fools Day Prank.

I was upset. I was very upset. Because what happened yesterday to me was not a joke, it was a prank. and, like several others I didn't like it at all.

I don't blame the people who did it, really: to you it was a joke. You saw nothing wrong with it. There was no malicious intent, there was no goal to upset people, and I understand that. Most of you were just having a bit of fun, and you couldn't see how anyone could be upset by it.

Most of you still can't see why anyone was upset by it.

So let me set up a situation for you.

I wake up in the morning, and check IRC, read my friends page, and check my email, generally in that order.

What I woke up to on IRC was a certain user screaming that Rahali was a power-hungry bitch who had gone mad and was suspending people left and right. What I woke up to on my friends page was big drama, this and this.

These people are my friends, and I see what I feel like is their lives flying apart. Rahaeli has always been a kind of role model type person for most of us - she's just always there. The LiveJournal support team would not be what it is today without her. She keeps a lot of things straight, and as has obviously been shown, a lot of people have a lot of concern for her.

I figured out it was a joke. At first, I only thought the "going to prison"/"abuse fight!" was a joke, i missed out on the suspensions (what can I say, I was rushed to get to class). So I came back, and realized the suspensions had happened, and kind of flipped out. I really was totally clueless (it tends to happen a lot).

Anyway, I later realized it was all a joke. And... my emotions were wasted, the fact that I cared meant nothing. And later, I was told I was "in on it".

I wouldn't have let this go. Parts of it were funny, parts of it weren't, but in my opinion, lying, for whatever purpose, is not a joke, it's deceit. If I told my ex-girlfriend I had been sleeping wih my best friend while we were dating, then 12 hours later came back and said "April Fools", I wouldn't consider that a "joke" - it would be a mean trick to play.

And that's how I felt. again and again. Every direction I turned, I saw more and more of these lies. I asked people on AIM what was going on, and recieved nothing but lies, I asked people on IRC and got nothing. I read my friends page and saw nothing.

I wasn't the only one who was upset by this. There were a number of people who felt the same way I do. There are other dissenting opinions, although they are few and far between.

I've been told I care too much. This is probably true. But the people I care about and for are the people that I feel and have always felt are my friends. I wasn't scared for my own journal... this thing is a piece of crap anyway ;) I just wanted to make my friends feel better, and when I realized it was a joke, I realized that was all for naught.

The bottom line is that these people were my friends, and whether they felt they did or not, they lied to me.

My mom will never trick my dad into eating something he doesn't like to eat. They've been dating/married for over 25 years, and over those 25 years have built up a level of trust that cant not be changed. I tried once, and ran into a complete brick wall: she would not trick him, not for anything, because she knew if she did, she'd lose that trust.

I was tricked. As a result, I've lost some trust. and that's the bottom line, in my opinion.

My journal isn't back because it was a prank, my journal is back because of an apology. No half-veiled apology in a journal, but a public apology. I'd like to thank the person who made that apology, as well as thanking the person who helped make that apology possible. You both know who you are.

If you think this is dull and boring, that's fine. So is my life. Because I care about a bunch of people that I will never see. I care enough to start a business that I'm working my ass off for with one of them, I care enough that I comfort them, console them, and everything else that I feel a good friend should do.

Because the bottom line is still that these people are my friends. And I do care about them.

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