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LJ.us Mention
I got mentioned on LiveJournal.us!

Granted, it was only a link credit, but I still got mentioned! Hooray!

*sigh* I wish trackback worked on LJ. Hopefully I can get the stuff up and working on Plogs so I don't have to do this manually anymore. Trackback is neat, if it's used right. IMHO.

Anyway, I just figured I'd geek out about a mention. Even though it's just crediting me with a link.

For those of you who don't know what Trackback is, you can check out the comments on the previous LJ.us post or, the link I got credited for, an lj-biz post by adcott. It's a nifty tool for letting other users know when you're writing about them. For example, if LJ supported Trackback, LJ.us could have sent a "ping" to the lj-biz post to show there was more discussion in place x.

Okay, so I suck at explaining. Google it and figure it out yourself ;)

Going back to school tomorrow, so I'll have fast internet and direct access to peanut. Will be installing linux on at least one, possibly 2 computers over the next week sometime.

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Yay for mentions! :)

Linux? Yeh dork. ;) Oh well, that's why I like you. ^^

have you done linux before? i cant remember, though i think we talked about it before. either way, if you have questions, just put karl on speed dial - hes good with the debian dist and he practically walked me through the whole installation. :) im still having issues with it, and i still dont know a damn thing about it. i suppose ill break down and get a book on it already. i found a linux for dummies book, but it focuses on red hat, which it includes a cd for. i may go that route just to learn it, and then go back to debian (which was karl's recommendation).

I have the smartest kid in school coming to help me ;)

Alright, so he's not the smartest kid in school. But he is a genius with almost everything related to computers.

I'm probably going to be installing gentoo on my main box, just because that's what he's used to, so he can help me well on that. I'll also be installing something smaller/less cpu neccesary for my secondary machine, because it's only a poor P133 that can't be constantly recompliling packages :) He's also grabbing a 2 gig hard drive for me, so I can stick my small files that I'm hosting on peanut over there and stop dealing with windows crap.

I doubt that I'll be switching to linux as my primary OS anytime soon: I'm really good at doing things quickly with my windows install. However, I may gradually make the shift. I've already learned a fair amount of stuff at the command line via remote login to a ton of different servers, I just need to learn how to deal with different software now :)

So, hopefully I won't need karl. At least not too much. But I know who to go to if I ever need a regexp :)

ok, so whats a regexp? ive seen you guys talking about them, but i dont know what they are. registry codes?

Regular Expression.

Take a string, put it through a parsing sequence, and return a different string.

This RegExp recognizes the end of a sentence:
"[.?!][]\"')}]*\\($\\| $\\|\t\\| \\)[ \t\n]*" from here

They're oftentimes confusing.

A better explanation is here.

Basically, they're used to take long strings and pull out the information you want from them.

woo. ::brain meltdown:: this is why im doing the networking, and you're doing the programming. :)

I use Mandrake Linux 9.x on one of my computers. Installation is extremely easy and whenever I would install it on other machines, I've never had a problem during and after installation. It's always worked.

I'm sure you noticed the trackback on lj.us. How were you able to ping from this journal???

(Deleted comment)

I'm a nerd.

In my work for plogs.net, my most recent project has been working on implementing trackback pings. I now have a simple perl script that allows me to type in a journal address, excerpt, subject, and journal name, with a ping url, and will ping it.

Because I'm advertising so much for trackback, I figured it would be worthwhile to use it. So, I logged into the dev-server for livejournal (http://goathack.livejournal.org) and sent a ping.

So, to answer your question, I didn't ping from this journal. I sent a ping using perl from a LiveJournal site though ;)

Just trying to get myself noticed. Every now and then, it works. And now, I have a comment from the famous JulianBashir, writer of the LJ.us blog ;)

Thanks for the mention, and thanks for noticing.

(i'm still an idiot. i won't spam your email, it's here for those who want to know how much of an idiot i am.)

Thanks kindly.

Good work! We'll look forward to TB developments. The support forums at Movable Type are filled with people who are very helpful and knowledgeable. They have an entire section just devoted to TB. Just as an FYI.

*nod* I've been stumbling across this stuff slowly but surely. Also, I've got an MT setup that I've been using for testing, which has been very useful.

Right now, I'm in the process of figuring out exactly what we should send for an Excerpt. LJ doesn't have any way to store this kind of information, so I'm working on hammering that out. Should an excerpt automatically be created if it's not filled in? etc. That way, we can use the excerpt field in a bunch of different uses (email notification on updates, syndication headline-type feed, etc.). Still wrangling with length: how much is too much for the database, how much is too little to be useful, etc.

I'll be checking out the TB forums tomorrow, when I'm back on non-26.4 dialup (talk about the age of the dinosaurs.) Hooray for internet at college.

I remember reading an article about trackback etiquette (not pinging articles you haven't linked to etc.) and there was a mention about excerpt length aswell. I'll be damned if I can find it now though.

I think generally between 60 and 100 characters will give enough idea as to what the entry is about without hitting things too hard. How about using what is currently provided for the RSS feed?

The thing is, the excerpt wouldn't only be used for Trackback. Currently, LJ offers a "headlines only" form of your journal entry for syndication. We were hoping to provide 3 options: headlines only, excerpt only, full text. If we do that, then it might be nice to support more than the longest trackback ping excerpt (255 characters. After that they're trimmed and a "..." is added). So, the question is, how flexible do we want this? I'm not really one to say we should have different things for all that: Far too confusing, and too much database access anyway :)

Also, the RSS feed provides crap if you do something like an user tag in your subject. so :)


Can u help me please. i want a livejournal code but don't find anyone who can give one to me. do you have one? please give me an answer write a mail to smackbabey@web.de thx bye rina

Re: Livejournal-Code

I'll give you one, if I can have your eternal soul.

Re: Livejournal-Code

Sure thing. I have a whole bunch in a text file, about 5 or 6 of them are used, but keep trying, you're bound to find one ;)


I wish people would mention me ;)

If nothing surfaces soon for LJ I think I'll add in my own external trackback service for my journal.
The method itself doesn't look too hard but I can't imagine it would get off the ground on a large scale here without clients supporting the pinging process also... that could take ages.

Simple perl script for what I sent to LJ.us is at http://goathack.livejournal.org:8023/lj.us.ping . Just modify the data stuff up at the top, and you're all set.

I'd write something cleaner, but I'm lazy ;)

Basically, that's another benefit of starting off with a new service. Plogs.net is taking the position of not supporting any clients except our own (which Mark is in the process of rewriting). If LJ does do this, I'd hope it would be either some kind of optional format, or that it would be detached from the clients: You can only send a ping on the web.

But, that perl script should get you started on what you need for a nice little trackback tool.

And hey, I mentioned you several times in comments! Doesn't that count for anything?

Now all you need is a scandalous (typo) article in ljreview and you'll be ready for world domination. Huzzah.

*doesn't read the tech-babble* I'm far too blonde for all that :p

*grins innocently at her comment further up the page* When will they learn?

hold on

are you and sarah going out again?

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