Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

moooore answers.

And you thought I was done.

ndr: I could only come up with one way to fully answer your question. It'll be in the form of a news report. I figure you could understand that, since you are the New Digital Reporter. So, I'll have it done tomorrow.

katrrrina -- What is your favorite food?
I have an unhealthy devotion to cheecken fingers. If we're talking about finger food, they're probably my favorite, for a variety of reasons. However, if you're just talking about any kind of food... My family is German, and we have a roladin recipe that can't be beat. The actual German version isn't nearly as good, but roladin in my family is strips of thin steak, with bacon and onions rolled up inside. Generally served with mashed potatoes and green beans, it's quite literally a meal that's to die for.

digitalised -- What are your personal beliefs about the creation/existence of the universe? Are you an evolutionist? Do you believe in God? Why or why not?
I was raised to believe in God. I believe in God's existence, not as a specific being, but as a higher power. I truly believe I'll end up in Hell, so I suppose that means I believe in heaven as well. However, despite the fact that "The Bible tells me so", I don't believe God created the world. I've heard a number of interesting points from creationists, but not enough to convince me that that's The Way it is. I believe in God, but I still believe in science. I'm a weirdo that way ;)

kamara -- [*changed response here*] I'm a sheep so I need to know.. What do you think of me. Am I really a flirt like Bubba says?
You're adorable. If you were closer than half the world away, I might have a crush on you. As it is, I just deal with IRC flirting, because it's so much damn fun. You're sweet, and giggly. You're the kind of person who I love to talk to, because I feel like I CAN flirt with you without getting in trouble with that. There's not a lot of females that really let me do that. So, I enjoy talking to you a lot. I also think you're a lot smarter than me in a lot of ways :) Then again, I know perl, so neener neener. And yes, you're a flirt. And I love it ;)

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