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Answers, part 2
Only have one more to do, and I'll do that one as a seperate post, becasue It'll probably be long. (ndr: yours is the one i mean)

palegreenstar -- How do such nice people as us keep getting hurt?
Nice guys finish last. *shrug* It sucks, but I've learned to deal with it. I don't really ever expect to be happy, I just enjoy it when it comes along. Hopefully, it'll come along for the both of us soon enough.

sporkmistress -- A man walks into a bar and asks for a glass of water. The bartender pulls out a shotgun and points it at him. The man says, thank you and leaves. Why?
The dude had the hiccups. The gun scared the shit outta him, so he iddn't need the water anymore.

[[name withheld]] -- I'm inspirationless. So tell me, what do you think of me? Do people talk about me behind my back? What do they say? (question shamelessly stolen from someone anonymous)
I don't think people talk about you behind your back. At least, I've never seen it. You were mentioned in a journal once, but I think said journallist likes you at least a bit more now. I used to think you were kind of harsh... I remember a couple times in helpscreening, feeling like I got thrashed by you. Not that I really did, looking back, just felt like it. However, when you added me to your friends list, I got a very different view of you. You seem more friendly now, and I understand you better. I like you now. I enjoy your entries, and I enjoy when you're around. I'm very glad for the good thing that happened to you recently. I'm glad you're you.

fracturedfaerie -- Name the one place you want to have sex before you die
Well, first of all, I'd be happy if I had sex ANYWHERE before I die. It's not all that likely, ya know. But... In the mountains somewhere. I want to go out west to the rockies, rent a cabin for the weekend, and have sex like bunnies. :) I love looking out over mountains, and I'd love to just get away from it all for a weekend. Maybe I'll have to look up someone who lives near mountains to hook this one up with ;)

[[name withheld]] -- Okay. What's your biggest secret, the thing you've never told *anyone* (or maybe only one or two)?
There's a girl on LiveJournal that I have a really huge crush on. She lives too far away for me to do anything about it, but I still have a crush on her. And she's even, like, almost my age for once (sorry, raven). So. I think that's a secret, don't you? I could be less vague, but she probably wouldn't enjoy it ;)

[[name withheld]] -- Who's the best coder on the LJ and/or Plogs team?
This is a really hard question, mainly because I know a lot of great coders, and they're all really good at different things. timwi has impressed me a ton lately: he does a lot of patches, really quickly, and really well. Brad has stopped even looking over his stuff and just accecpting it, and with good reason: when Timwi writes a patch, he (almost always) does it right. However, his skills at working with people aren't always the greatest :) (Although they're a lot better now than they used to be). If I had to pick my FAVORITE coder? It'd be Mark. He's been really helpful to me learning Perl and mysql. He's always been nice enough to point out my mistakes gently. Karl is good for lots of random knowledge, especially regexps ;) Colin (csogilvie) is probably one of the better programmers too: The difference is, he's really quiet. he only has three posts in his journal, and he has only posted 130 comments. However, he's a really smart guy, and he does a lot of work. If it weren't for him, Plogs S2 styles would probably still say LiveJournal on them :) To actually answer your question: I don't know who the best coder is. I like Mark the best, Colin has helped me out the most, and Timwi is probably the best at fairly difficult stuff. All in my experience, of course.

chipb0i -- What is your description of a good, happy, ideal day? What are you doing on that day?
An ideal day is the one where I can do whatever I want ;)

I'd get up in the morning. The weather would be perfect out, mid-may warmish (70-75 degrees). I would go to great america: it would be a school day, so there wouldn't be anyone there. Deja vu would actually be running :) I would get there on time, ride some rides, and get a funnel cake sunday. During the day, I'd ride every ride in the park. It would be a great day: just riding rides all day.

I'm not saying that's the only great day, but that would be a great day ;)

mortaine -- What's the last book you read (completely) for fun, and what did you think of it?
Complete HitchHiker's Guide. I love that book. I've read it before, but not for several years, but there's so much of it that makes me laugh. I would fall asleep giggling to myself at night. I'm glad my roomate is deaf sometimes, and this was one of them :)

telepwen -- When will you come visit me?
When you buy me transport out there. Simple as that. I can't afford to get out there myself.

[[name withheld]] -- Do I irritate you or anyone else you know?
Nope. Not that I know of. I like talking to you. Plus, I like your screen name :)

-- If you could do anything right now what would it be?
Barring money/location? Theme park. I don't know where, but if I could get down south to where it's warm, and roller coasters were still open... I'd want to do that. I miss the summer, when I could ride coasters like.. 2 times a week. It was so fun. So. If I had money/location I wanted, I'd be riding a roller coaster right now.

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mmmm....great america and possible new coaster...(haha, maybe in a couple years it'll actually work...;) are you going to a) get season passes this year b) be a good enough friend with me that we can go to GA a lot again and go zooom cause it's fun?

also, did you get my email? it's okay if you say no. ;) i'm just not sure if you got it at all due to lack of any response out of you...yeah. i didn't think you'd want to, anyway...

I got your email. I'm still considering, which is why I haven't responded yet.

It's my plan to get season passes. But i don't know for sure, because I really should actually get a job this summer and work and not go have fun. *sigh* I really want to, I just don't know if it's going to be worth it.

If I get season passes, we'll go at least once. I promise. You can drive ;)

Okay. (at the considering)

Eeee. You sure? I haven't been on an expressway yet. ;)

Even if you get a job, which you should, you won't work everyday. And yay for GA! :)

I didn't mention brad or avva, who are the two "main" coders for the site: avva works on a contract basis, and brad obviously coded the site. The reason is that although both of them are good coders, neither of them does major projects that I see. Brad does most of his work just keeping the site alive, and avva only does things occasionally. In my experience, avva's patches tend to break more things than they fix (the userinfo has been patched 6 times because of that). So. I'm not really impressed with his work that I've seen :)

Then again, his quest for i18n is impressive. but. I picked my 3 favorite/best coders for the two sites. So there :P

You should very much expect to be happy. You are a great guy, you truly care about all of your friends, and you're just plain nice. Someday both of us will be as happy as we deserve to be. Don't worry, I have faith in it.

Chris definitely deserves to be very happy. More than most people, I think. I'm glad I gave him some at one point or another. :)

You should tell me who you've got a crush on. Because I'm nosy. But I know you won't anyway.

You're right, I won't. I don't know if you'd know her anyway. So.

Basically, I made this cryptic enough that it could include three people. None of them pays much attention to any of the others. I know them all in very different fashions.

It really only applies to one person though. And it's not you ;)

You're just an attention whore. You know you could get a lot more if you decided to swing on over to the boy side, too.

Anyway. Yeah, I didn't think so. I'm not close enough to your age. :p Or something.

Oh, I wouldn't say that. I think the person I'm talking about it is around the same age as you. The thing is, half the people who comment on my entries (the sex-god type comments) are 13-15 year old harry potter fans. A lot of them are flirty are crushing on me. So, I was making it clear it wasn't one of them, so there wouldn't be confusion.

I told you before I'm flirty. I just didn't want it to confuse anyone :)

*is secretly a 13-15 year old harry potter fan*

omg chris!!!111 u r soooo sexxxy!!!111 willl u sleeep w me??//


Just.... no.

That was raven's original question. "Would you sleep with nos?"

I told her the answer was no, so she changed her question :)

Thats partly because I never have anything to write about: my LiveJournal reflects my life - boring :)

Changed my response :)

Hiya. Thank you for drawing my attention to your mention of me here.

However, his skills at working with people aren't always the greatest :) (Although they're a lot better now than they used to be).

Interestingly, I've been hearing this a lot from many people, not just people on LJ. And not just the first bit of that, the bit in parentheses too.

At first, this seemed encouraging, because it implies that I was improving, even though I didn't know consciously what exactly I did to improve. Over time, it became less encouraging, because the following could be concluded from it: either 1) I'm not improving enough, maybe I'm converging towards (and will therefore never reach) a point of acceptability?, or 2) the statement that I was improving is dishonest or at best an overstatement, and its purpose is to "discharge" the frank judgment and lower the risk of me taking offense at it.

This is one of the reasons why I'm having so much trouble improving my social skills. People aren't frank enough with me. Every once in a while someone pulls up enough courage to post something like you did here, but they always add something on to it which supposedly makes it sound like "it's not all that bad after all", just so they don't have to run the risk of having me yell at them (which, of course, I would never do).

I love to help anybody with questions that I can answer. I'm sure I can teach some Perl to people, or SQL, or anything else I know. You just never walked up to me to ask a question. And I bet I know why: It's likely that, because you already thought I wasn't good with people, you anticipated that you'd receive a less friendly or less helpful response from me than from, say, Mark, so you just went for Mark instead. Then you got into the habit of asking Mark, and never got around to verifying your suspicion about me.

Uhm, well, I don't really know what I'm trying to get at. Just trying to pour out some thoughts here. Anyway ... you (or anyone else who is reading this) can certainly help me improve my social skills if they want to. All you have to do is to drop the curtain of courtesy and tell me exactly what you think I'm doing wrong.

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