Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

New Icon!

In celebration of kristan welcoming me back into her friends list, I've got a new default icon, courtesy of the lovely and glorious acerbic. I like it. It's geeky. Like me. And yes, those two are the same person. But acerbic is older. by at least a couple years.

Yesterday I got mail from skinglist. It was a big package. It had a HUGE hershey's bar, a really cute card, and "The Blue Day Book". It's a great book. I think I'll make icons out of some of the pictures when I get back to school. I'm eternally grateful SK: It was just what the doctor ordered. Made me very happy.

Short entry to show off my icon is all. The poll answers will go up tomorrow. I started another trend: 2-3 other people put up polls right after mine.

I'm such a geek :)
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