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New Icon!
In celebration of kristan welcoming me back into her friends list, I've got a new default icon, courtesy of the lovely and glorious acerbic. I like it. It's geeky. Like me. And yes, those two are the same person. But acerbic is older. by at least a couple years.

Yesterday I got mail from skinglist. It was a big package. It had a HUGE hershey's bar, a really cute card, and "The Blue Day Book". It's a great book. I think I'll make icons out of some of the pictures when I get back to school. I'm eternally grateful SK: It was just what the doctor ordered. Made me very happy.

Short entry to show off my icon is all. The poll answers will go up tomorrow. I started another trend: 2-3 other people put up polls right after mine.

I'm such a geek :)

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you say all that like i'm two different people. but i am, of course. and i think the lovely and glorious should go to sk. she sent you chocolate, after all.

(Deleted comment)
The party rocks the party.

We rock the party rock the party.


*licks your icon* Yum.

yay for chocolate! yay for happiness! i wish one of my friends would send me chocolate. mmm. chocolate. the icon suits you. ;) i liked the picture of you in the old one, but you've had that for awhile...who wrote the book? i look for it next time i'm at the library to see what it is.

Indeed when I saw my friends page and I saw that icon, the first thing I said was 'Cool!'


I like it. Very neat. ^^

I like the userpic. Sort of reminds me of the one I made for supportlounge that the bastards didn't use.

Blame your son.

I really should delete this post, since it's really not right since kristan dropped me from her friends list again.

But I thanked SK in it. so.

It was before his time - I think Loki has just taken over and wanted a new icon. I just noticed it is on their allpics page, though why a community needs more than one, I don't know. It's the one with the keyword "Beer". I actually had to do a screenshot of the board and shrink it and tilt it a little to paste on the monitor becaue the flash on the camera blanked it out. hehe.

Im glad you kept it long enough for me to get to see it..since Im a bit behind in my friends page again...
Im really glad you liked the book, I saw it and thought of you. And then when I saw that chocolate bar! :D
I was deciding between that card and one with a turtle wearing bunny ears that said
'the hurrier I go, the behinder I get' but I thought you'd like this one.
PS-what happend with kristan?

PS-what happend with kristan?
I'll let you know if I find out.

It sucks. I like talking to kristan. She's fun, and cynical, and smart. and I'd love to read her entries again. but. for some reason, she doesn't want me to.

*sigh* It's just depressing. I don't even know what I do to get dropped, it's just "oops, you're gone again."

She defriended me a few weeks back as well. I guess around the first time she defriended you? I didn't mind...I mean, if Im not interesting, Im not..

Was there anything as to why she refriended you again?

What Im bummed is it coincided with my LOA from IRC and support so I never see her around anywhere, and I miss chatting with her because she's a cool person...I should go back but...


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