Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

when i grow up...

What do I want to do when I grow up?

I've asked myself that question so many times.

It's changed a lot. When I started college, I was totally convinced I wanted to design roller coasters. Write the 3d graphical simulation programs, understand all the physics, do everything like that.

Slowly, I'm beginning to think that's changing.

I'm a computer science major. I love working with computers. I love being able to get something work, knowing that I did it. But lately, I'm becoming more and more interested in dealing with PEOPLE too. Recent experience has showed that I'm not bad at dealing with people on a professional level. I can converse and work out issues, as well as understanding the person and what they mean to do.

I'm learning mysql one step at a time. I can actually do things now: create and drop tables and databases, do simple selects. I can sort data and output it fairly nicely. I'm learning perl slowly but surely as well. I can do some programming, and I can modify code fairly decently.

I'm starting to wonder if maybe this is where I belong. Managing a project, doing development. Coming up with new ideas and implementing them or learning how to implement them, or getting someone else to implement them ;)

Working on a small, dedicated team on my current project has been one of the most worthwhiel experiences i've had. I'm having fun, I'm enjoying myself, and I really want this project to succeed. I could see myself working on this for years. I could see working it into a business and just staying here, adding new features, fixing bugs. I think that would be a cool job. The problem is that right now, I don't think that this projeect is looking very stable *sigh* We're good for this month, but we're not seeing a huge influx of business. I don't know how to get business. I don't know how to attract people. And I don't know that anyone else does either. The stress is going to be high at the end of next month, I think, and I don't know what I can do to solve it.

That's the major problem with working a startup project. It's a startup. There's little to no support. You have to work your ass off to get it to stay in business. And eve then, it's hard.

But even though all that, I enjoy it. I think that this might be what I keep doing. Whether it be where I am now, or another project: I like working with a small group of people to make an idea come to life. Starting from the beginning is the best way to be. And I'm happy I found this one.

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