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why i'm at plogs.

More stuff, brought on by (agh! New style links are scary :( ) Ignore it if you'd like, but I'm going to post about it, because it's where I've been spending most of my time.

This started as a comment to mark, but it got kind of long, and I liked it, so it's here.

Mark wants this site to do well; I do too. I've put too much work into it, we all have, to be able to let this die.

It'll happen. We do have a great team, something I thank every day for. I look at the list of people that have done work for this site, and I just think to myself how amazing every single one of those people is at what they do. Every little bit of work that has been done on that site... It's truly incredible, in my mind.

Some sites don't get to the level Plogs is at for years. Some sites are still limping along on a computer in some guy's basement, languishing on some poor abused cable modem somewhere, for more than a year. ( , for example). We've been working for a month and a half, and we have a completely new idea. We have a completely different design, and we have 161 users. (Okay, probably closer to 100 when you take out all our comms ;))

That's incredible. Absolutely incredible.

We have a good idea. We have a good premise, we have a good team, and most importantly of all, we have a good boss. Every business needs a leader, and Mark is that leader. When I started working on this project, I thought it would be a side project, something I could just kind of stick in the corner of my mind, and maybe it'd turn into something, someday. But that's not what it became. This site has become where I spend all of my dev-time. I know that if I do work for Plogs, it will be appreciated, that it will be accepted. Even if the code doesn't go in, it won't be because Brad's too lazy to tell me what to fix: It'll be because it can't, or something's wrong with it.

I haven't checked Zilla seriously in almost 2 weeks, yet I check mantis daily (kinda silly, cause i think I get email for everything :)). I've done more work at pimping this site out than I ever did for LiveJournal, because... well, it's part of me. It's a pet project of mine.

Those of you who get email from me will probably notice a new sigfile. I've never really pimped my journal in my sigfile, but now I'm not only doing that, I'm also pimping the site it's at. That's... strange for me. But that's how much I care about this thing. This project isn't just a project any more, it's a goal. As a team, we can, and are going to, make this work.

You got us a host. You got us to where we are today, and it's because of the money out of your pocket that exists. Without you, the site that I've become so devoted to wouldn't even have a domain to be hosted upon.

From Queech to Plogs, from WPI to ColoSpace, from a box in your dorm room to a 2U 1 gig ram redhat server in a dedicated facility behind 7 locked doors and handprint identification... we make this site what it is, but you got it to where it is, Mark.

We can do it. We can do it, even if nobody else could. Because we have a good team, but especially because we have a good idea, and good leadership to carry out that idea.

And that all comes from Mark.

Here's to Plogs. Here's to hoping this all works out in the end, and hoping that everything about this site really does come true.

Here's to a 10% click through on ads, and a 100% buying ratio. Here's to, and all that it embodies.

It's gonna be a hellava ride.

On a more general note... I'm really glad I'm doing this. I don't care if I ever make any money from it, I don't care if I go for 10 years devoting all my free time to it. If it stays like it is now, I'd be glad to do this forever.

It's fun, goddamnit, and I like it. And every now and then, you just need something to be happy about.

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