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AIM list
ln has her aim buddy list sorted by favorite ice cream flavour.

I have mine sorted by school, and by class (frosh soph, etc) here. I have HS kids, People who live in my room, and a list of other schools my friends go to. I have METMA and FAP for two HP groups I'm in, family for my family, etc.

look, i'll even show you.

I've done about half of one physics practice exam, plus the homework. I'm probably going to flunk that.

I need to do my CS 225 mp.

It was really nice today, but I only went outside for 5 minutes after lunch because I was trying to do a bunch of work. I didn't really get far.

ln is also now my fake girlfriend. She slaps me around, and I protect her from bertho.

I can climb trees.

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I sort mine by country, and then I have "DeadJournal" in there too:

Svédek (Swedes)
Angliak (England)
Magyarok (Hungarians)
Németek (Germans)
Szlovének (Slovenes)
Olaszok (Italians)

i might have a few more.

heh, i sort by current general location:

boston/new england (anybody in the six new england states)
atlantic seaboard (new york to virginia, on the coast)
california stars (yes, i even included los angeles peeps in here, the blasphemy! ;) )
somewhere out there (people elsewhere in the us)
international spies (everyone else)

i did have them sorted by "how i know you" for awhile (ie, berkeley, high school, college, x-files, lj, post-grad), but i found this way easier when trying to remember whether or not someone might've already gone to bed.

You have 192 people on your buddy list?? *is incredulous*

Only cause I've deleted so many people over the years.

In trillian, which has a combination of all my people that I've had in the past 6 months or so, I have 300+.

But AIM only allows 200, so I deleted about 90% of the people from home when I got to school.

I have like, less than 30. Apparently, I am very much an amateur. :P

(Deleted comment)
I feel very special!

Lucky lucky me.

Lucky Ducky Lucky Chucky.


Oh, see, I have exactly 26 people, and 3 people have two screennames, and I only talk to about a third of the people on a regular basis, plus one is a bot. So, all in all, kinda pathetic. If I was going to pare down my list, I'd only have 10 people on it.

I'm not sure I even know 192 people let alone want to talk to them.

you have a lot of groups there =o

i have 3 big categories organized by how often i actually talk to the people (i talk to..., i don't talk to..., who are you?), then i got a couple small, specific ones, like one just for my chem class. of course every time someone new IMs me and i want to add them i gotta delete someone, so having a group like "who are you?" makes it easy since those are the people i talk to/care about least, so they're the first to go :)

I have "Marky", "Clarkies", "WPI", and "Buddies", which is everyone else. ;) I have a total of 91 people, though Marky's the only one I talk to regularly.

And I sort mine by...


I don't have AIM! *boogies*

Stop being so interesting!

*breaks down and adds you*

This is interesting?


Just a warning, since I've already been dumped for it by someone I used to consider a very close friend: I may be posting a lot about Plogs in the near future. This is because Plogs is a major part of what I do in my free time now, so, if you don't want advertising spewing at you, feel free to not watch ;)

If you do decide to stay: welcome!

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