Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

AIM list

ln has her aim buddy list sorted by favorite ice cream flavour.

I have mine sorted by school, and by class (frosh soph, etc) here. I have HS kids, People who live in my room, and a list of other schools my friends go to. I have METMA and FAP for two HP groups I'm in, family for my family, etc.

look, i'll even show you.

I've done about half of one physics practice exam, plus the homework. I'm probably going to flunk that.

I need to do my CS 225 mp.

It was really nice today, but I only went outside for 5 minutes after lunch because I was trying to do a bunch of work. I didn't really get far.

ln is also now my fake girlfriend. She slaps me around, and I protect her from bertho.

I can climb trees.
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