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(no subject)
I'm lonely.

So very lonely.

Friends gone

Everything gone.

I just want to be happy again.

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*sticks tongue out at Chris*

You think you're the only one with problems?

Nah, but I don't care about other people's problems. Didn't you hear I'm a self-serving, egotistical male bastard? ;)

No. I'm not being self-depreciating, that was a joke.

Seriously though, I'm exagerating because I'm lonely here. I know that, but I just... meh, ya know?

Pull yourself together man! :P

If only it could be that easy, huh.



Muuuuu *crawls into your lap* Where's irc when you need it. *huffs*

I know! such a pain, eh?

*hugs* Thanks. You're free to crawl into my lap anytime *wink wink*

*crawls into chris's lap...*

Oh. Wait. You weren't talking to me! *shrugs and continues sitting in lap* I might smash you though. Cause I weight more. Silly Chris. ;)

And how could you make a sad post on pi day? C'mon, it's pi day. ;) Did you have pie? *sends Chris pie*

I'm here, I'm here! HAAAAAAIII!!!

I have to leave to walk the dog to the vet in a few minutes. You could come with me! :D Then we could climb trees and then I'd make breakfast! YAY PANCAKES!

*hugs* not exactly reachable via AIM because Im at work but Im here if you need me--on email all day

If you transfer to Northwestern U. I could stalk you...

*hugs* Get yourself a boyfriend! *cackles*

I'M HERE!! *waves arms big-ly but doesnt succeed in catching attention cause she's short*

poo. well, i am here =) you know that already, tho =D

if you honestly need to bother some one any time, if I'm on, I love being bothered by others. ;) Besides, I bother you more then I really should about random things. so, yes. *hugs*

*t00bs about, multitasking as usual*


*smooches* Get laid, orgasms make people happy.

Yeah, I've put you into my Quest for Sex pool.

But... *hugs* Things'll cheer up...

I need some sex. I've already decided that. The question is where the sex will come from.

I think I need to hook up with the girl who called me sexy.

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