Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt
crschmidt Open for business!

After a month and a half of hard work, the team is ready to announce our project. is now open for business! is a new type of journal service. Anyone can create an account at Plogs. However, only paying members of the site can maintain their own journals, or "plogs". By only allowing paid users of the site to post entries, Plogs hopes to avoid the "bloat" that many journal services encounter, where hundreds or thousands of people create accounts. The "Only Paid Users can post" aspect of this site is one thing that makes it different from most other journaling services.

Another aspect of Plogs that makes it different from most other journaling services is the setup of administration. Rather than following the "Try to do everything yourself, then hook up some volunteers into helping you" method of management, Plogs has a definitive administrative team already set up. This allows for easy communication for the resolution of problems and issues with the site. This also allows for easier implementation of suggestions and ideas to better the site, especially with regards to creating a site directed towards high end or more "professional" users.

None of this means that the site is any less usable for individuals, of course. All accounts can post comments, which means that all of your friends can still read and participate in your journal. All paying users can customize their journals, creating custom styles. Additionally, "Full Accounts" can use up to 7 different user pictures. Plogs may be business or professionally oriented, but the administration of the site is well aware that individuals are just as important to any community as business users.

Because of the fact that most of the users of Plogs will be paid, the cost for accounts is less than the price at LiveJournal. Even the "Professional" account type is only 24 USD for a full year, and accounts start as low 5 USD for 3 months. For more information on what each account type offers, feel free to visit the page listing the benefits of each account type. A full list of prices is available at the account purchases page, once an account is created.

For a limited time only, is offering permanent "Charter Member" accounts. For a one time fee, you can purchase an account for the lifetime of Plogs. These accounts offer all the benefits of a Professional account, in addition to never expiring. is a low-cost, high end replacement for your journaling service, which is looking to expand to include the features that many other journaling services don't. With a business based administrative team and a willing and helpful volunteer staff, Plogs is looking to gain users, and joining now is the only way to guarantee the ability to purchase a permanent account.

Join today!

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