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Very Stupid Thing
I did a very stupid thing tonight.

Because of that Very Stupid Thing, I have no more friends at school.

I'm lonely, and I'm tired of being that way.

I'm a good person, in general. Sometimes I have bad nights, and I take them out on everyone else. Right now, all I know is that I screwed up something I used to have. Right now, though, that doesn't even matter. Because there's no way anything I can do can make it better.

To the parties involved: Good luck.

Oh, and to those of you not on my buddy list: You can't contact me anymore. My list was rather full, so I may have a few names that hadn't made it on yet. However, I just deleted three names off there tonight, so if you'd like to be added back on, feel free to comment here with an aim name. Or if you're really that paranoid, email me.

It's very sad that this had to happen. But hey, such is life, right? Who knows? maybe I'll look back at this someday and smile.

Then again, maybe not.

Met through a journal, and the goodbyes are through a journal. Is there any fate more cruel, more evil, than that of a broken friendship?

Ah, to sleep, perchance to dream. The time has come, for me to sleep. And probably, to begin the rest of my life.

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(Deleted comment)
I'm so good at being cryptic!

Oh, and that second line should be "good". Just so you guys know it wasn't a knock on you or anything, I just don't tend to hang out with you.


Hope you feel better in the morning.

Me too, as much as I doubt I will. *sigh*

Met through a journal, and the goodbyes are through a journal. Is there any fate more cruel, more evil, than that of a broken friendship?

One that could have been saved.

one that IS saved, but you still insist on pushing it away.

I insist on pushing it away because anything I do with regards to it will just make it worse.

Example? Well, our current AIM conversation should suffice.

I wish I knew more what went wrong so I could at leat try to make you feel a little better...=/...all I have to say is that I hope whatever happened can be fixed. I'm sorry, Chris. =/

i do stupid things all the time...i'm sorry that you lost your friends.


Apologize. If you really think what you did was stupid, and you actually regret it, apologize for whatever you did (and no, that doesn't mean "apologize for being who you are"). If they still want to be your friend, they'll forgive you. If not, then you've done what you could to salvage the friendship.

If it's an apology for being who you are, then you just aren't compatible with those friends anyway, and now you know it. Find new friends.

Ah, the King of Vague Posts strikes again.



Do I get a crown?

I may clarify. Then again, maybe not. Because there's really nothing that can be helped. Because I'm making my own choices. and stuff.

Yeah, not anymore descriptive *sigh* Sorry.

If I could find a Burger King crown it would be yours, I promise. :P

And I don't care whether or not you describe things. Sometimes you just gotta make those vague posts. :)

*hugs* Poke me if you want to rant. *more hugs* Feel better, blah.

Man. Take it from the Queen of Stupid.... Pretty much everything short of killing someone's pet/family member on purpose can be fixed. Apologies are good. :P

*doesnt understand*

i am your friend.. i always will be (unless you really hate me that much). nothing will change that short of you doing something very drastic, like trying to murder me or something. even then, i'm 90% sure i'll still be your friend.

sorry, you just can't get rid of me ;p

i dont know if that helps any.

You are being emo! Add me back to your list NOW so I can YELL AT YOU!

I am not going to feel sorry for you like all these other mindless posts because YOU ARE CREATING THESE PROBLEMS in your own head. Of course she doesn't need you... she doesn't need anyone... NO ONE needs ANYONE... she WANTS you there... why the hell do you fail to understand this?

Everyone makes mistakes... even your FRIENDS. If you think someone made a mistake IT DOESNT MATTER... you don't bail out on them...

Grow up and stop being conceited

Hey. I just happened upon your journal from a friend of a friend of a friend's list (yes, I was a little bored). I liked your info where it says what a "P Block" is. I had no idea what a P Block was before. Thanks. :)

I really liked the part where you picked such a meaningful entry to post this on. It was my favorite, really.


That one would have worked better.

i don't know what happened, but i do know that she DOES want to be your friend. You have been a great friend to her these past months and i know she appreciates everything you've done for her. i'm sure if you did do something stupid or whatever that she can forgive you for it. she is human, as are you. don't throw your friendship away like that.

and another thing... add me to your buddy list!

I'm sorry that you feel bad. But, in my relatively short experience it's rare that a friendship is lost forever. I don't know what the Very Stupid Thing was and it's not really any of my business, but I've done some pretty stupid things myself. Sometimes it takes months, and sometimes you need some time apart from people that you're arguing with, but usually, if your friends were good friends to begin with, things can eventually be fixed. Wait a little while until people have cooled down, and then look back at some of the supportive comments you've already gotten for this entry. You're not alone

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