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Very Stupid Thing

I did a very stupid thing tonight.

Because of that Very Stupid Thing, I have no more friends at school.

I'm lonely, and I'm tired of being that way.

I'm a good person, in general. Sometimes I have bad nights, and I take them out on everyone else. Right now, all I know is that I screwed up something I used to have. Right now, though, that doesn't even matter. Because there's no way anything I can do can make it better.

To the parties involved: Good luck.

Oh, and to those of you not on my buddy list: You can't contact me anymore. My list was rather full, so I may have a few names that hadn't made it on yet. However, I just deleted three names off there tonight, so if you'd like to be added back on, feel free to comment here with an aim name. Or if you're really that paranoid, email me.

It's very sad that this had to happen. But hey, such is life, right? Who knows? maybe I'll look back at this someday and smile.

Then again, maybe not.

Met through a journal, and the goodbyes are through a journal. Is there any fate more cruel, more evil, than that of a broken friendship?

Ah, to sleep, perchance to dream. The time has come, for me to sleep. And probably, to begin the rest of my life.
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