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In light of my goal, I'm going to write something that I'm good at every morning for the next 40 days. That way, any time I'm not feeling like I'm a fairly good guy, I'll just think back to one of the things I wrote. However, by default, this will make me sound very far from the person I generally try to be. I am generally fairly modest, which is where some of my defeatism comes from.

I follow these tactics due to the fact that when I was younger, I was often told that I just needed to be quiet. In school especially, the fact that I was good at things was kind of overlooked and everyone just kind of decided to ignore me. So, I stopped acting smart. I still have a tendancy to pipe in and be told I'm unappreciated: My chemistry teacher told me I needed to "shut up" one day in class because I pointed out an error in his calculation on the board.

Anyway. These posts won't be modest. I'll be picking something out and talking about how good I am at it. If you don't mind reading that kind of thing, feel free to opt-in on the filter, but if you do mind, then I'd suggest you to move on. Putting a poll behind an LJ-cut, or you can just comment. Thanks!

Poll #109403 Bragging

Do you want to read about the things I think I'm good at?


On another note, my journal is now using the forum style I've been using on my friends page for months. Took me a while to figure out FRIENDS_EVENTS doesn't have an equivilant in LASTN, which was fucking things up pretty bad. ;)

Off to dinner!
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