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So, you want to know where the hell I was this weekend? Why? Am I interesting to you? Is there something you want to know about my life? Why do you really care? I mean, even I don't care.

But it was a good weekend.

Saturday morning, I woke up at 9am.
"9am?" you might think to yourself. "Didn't he say he was gonna be getting up at 8?"
Why yes, loyal reader, I DID say I was going to be getting up at 8am.
"Well, what happened?"
I turned off both of my alarms, loyal reader. 2 seperate alarms, set 30 minutes apart, just in case one didn't wake me up. Toggle-switch alarms, that I ensured were switched to "Alarm" before going to sleep. When I woke up, I discovered both of them in the "off" position. Amazingly enough, I succeeded in turning off two seperate switches, and sleeping until 9am.

Got up, threw all my shit together, got on, changed my away message, and ran out the door. Ran all the way to the bus stop, where I had to wait for 10 minutes for the 9Red to show up. Took that to the illini bus station, bought my ticket (cash only? what the hell is it with bus companies lately? Do they have some kind of vendetta against college kids who are trying to use a credit card? and why, when i called, didn't the guy at the bus station tell me that?). Sat there for a half hour.

The people who ride busses are very strange people indeed. I think there was a guy there who had been riding the bus for like the past two days. No idea where he was going or where he was coming from: but he described in detail his last 3 trips or something like that. It was... interesting. The guy reminded me a little bit of the drunk we were talking to in Chicago at the hostel until like 5 am. Kind of scraggily, and he talked about a lot of things nobody really cared about ;)

So, I was in plenty of time for the bus, and I have no idea why I wanted to get there so early (other than they told me to). Bus ride was fine (I slept the whole way). One nice thing was that they were playing ocean's 11, which is a great movie. Unfortunately, I slept through it all :)

Got to the bus station, didn't see erin, so I unpacked and called her. In my rush, I had grabbed the wrong credit card (I have one that's "mine", a student one with a low-limit and one that's on the same account as my dad's, which means it has a higher limit. I have the second one for buying books and stuff down here) and i had forgotten a phone card. sighed and pulled out the credit card to let erin know where i was and that I had arrived and all.

Stood around the bus station place for about 15 minutes, then called again. They had driven past where they wanted to be, apparently ;) So, I went back and waited. About 30 minutes (around noon), I look over and see erin pressing her face against the window. Laughing, I walked out, and gave my best friend a hug for the first time in months.

I was introduced to Katie and her car, and we headed back to weslyan. We drove by such interesting sights as the evil Ice Cream Cone (he really was evil!) and the radio tower wreathed in clouds.

And now, I'm tired of writing, because I really should do some last minute studying for my exam. I'll write more later, I promise. (Probably in a new entry, so i can flood everyone's friends page)

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