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Random Radio show listening.
Warning: This is totally insane and not informative at all, feel free to skip it. I'll put an mp3 up somewhere once i figure out where I can put 40 meg of an mp3. not that many people care to download 40 megs. So... maybe I won't :)

They might be giants! *tackles rich* or ang. which whoever played that song.

Oh yeah, I'm listening to a streaming radio broadcast tonight while doing some last minute studying/printing of CS231 stuff.

Ooo, star trek theme! The next generation! I love this show. So many good memories from so long ago, that are barely memories anymore. Wow. and that's been going on for like 10 minutes. but i didn't realize it, cause all the stuff in the middle was not the theme I recognized. Sarah, did you know there's an extended version of the TNG theme?

Someone is reading a poem thing. But it's really just the words to rocketman. But... it's being read in a poem like format. hmm. interesting. lol. he was reading it like william shatner ;)

Now it's the beginning to Fox Films things. Star Wars theme! yay for star wars. and i'm not getting any studying done, am i?

It's like the whole beginning of Episode 4. Like... a book on tape. only with the sound there too. Which I'm not sure if books on tape have. Yeah. Definitely a book on tape.

Looks like i did pretty well on homework 2 for 231. I don't see anything that looks decidely wrong/different from what I did. The CS 225 homework is going to be a bitch.

Luckily, since I don't have a Math225 exam thursday, i can do that tomorrow night! yay!

Oh, yeah, LJ is dead. wonderful.

Rich is a weirdo. Dun Dun Dun!

And TMBG apparently didn't write "The sun is a mass" or istan

ang. you just about killed me. "agent ang...99." "I don't have a real name!" Yeah. Cracked me up. and sergio's girl laughed at me. and asked me what the hell was going on. I was like "I'm listening to a radio show"

Um... jesus dies for your sins? not the end of the bible. no offense. but... yeah.

Yes. spiderman's dance is gay.

mutant reindeer for christ. 6 legs, 18 antlers. interesting.

ang. you suck at bantering. sorry. and rich needs to learn how to use the phone. (program button my ass)

Wow! people are talking about me! And I just got called the C-man. Pronounce that fast, and you may get it. Sea-man. Se-man. Semen? yes.

Oh yeah, I was listening. Listening to a shout out to illinois. and to the c-man.

Chris! That's me! Rick said my name!

Wow. I'm random at 1:22am. And the snort total is up to 5 for this radio show.

"It's clean!" "Yeah, but it leads to other things!" -rocky horror picture show

Goodbye, Hilary.

I just called. And talked to rich. and ang.

awww! that was a good song though. Wasn't it "always look on the bright side of life?" I don't like this song nearly as much.

Leprosy PSA? um.... yeah.

LiveJournal is back! Yay yay yay! (and yes, i posted this already with another client ;)) It was down from approx 12:40 to 1:40. That's awesome for whoever got it fixed!

Why is faboo on the phone? fabooooo. that's fun to say.

George harrison - Dream away. and with that, a radio show night comes to an end. Time for me to wander off to bed. Good night, world.

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Nor did TMBG write New York City or In the middle, in the middle, in the middle. Because I'm sure you wanted to know that.

Yeah, Istanbul was originally done in I think the '40s or early '50s. I've actually heard the original before - it's got a bit more of a swing feel to it.


I understood about two words of that.

Okay, I understood the question directed to me, and that's it. ;)

Yes, I know there is.

That's okay, looking back without actually playing the mp3, I didn't understand a word of it either. I just knew it was funny at the time. Looking back, it doesn't seem nearly as funny :(.

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