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I'm dumb, annoying, and stupid, and i'm sorry

I woke up this morning around 11am. Rolled out of bed and got on the computer. Wanted to study for Japanese, so I tried to get into blackboard. IE was hating on me (really slow moving, wasn't keeping login cookies), so I decided I'd restart (it's been a couple days at least) so I did.

Big Mistake.

When the computer came back on, it was in an unsupported VGA mode. So, nothing would come up. I had no idea how to fix it, so I tried restarting in different modes.

Eventually got it to work, by logging in at 640x480 res and 60 hz, and bumping everything up. I still have no clue what happened, or if it's going to happen again as soon as I restart. Which is all not a good thing.

So, getting that to work took 45 minutes of my valuable study time away. once I got back on I did start studying again (I didn't even turn on IRC, which is a shock). I had to print out the top10+1 lists to study during math.

Talked to christy for a bit about stuff initiated by the virgin purity test (MSS/MOS stuff ;)). That was interesting.

Math was mostly used to study for Japanese test. Went over the map (although I still think I spelled Shikkoko wrong) and my notes (which are not nearly as good as I thought). I've decided that from now on, I'll be typing those notes when I get back from class. Of course, that'll last about 5 minutes, until I get a friends page update, then I will forget about it, like everything else. *sigh* I'm a horrible student in so many ways.

Funny moment in math class: On thursday, our TA didn't show (cancelled class) because his car broke down. He was explaining how he was going to move the test to thursday to account for this, and a student that had gotten there late called out "um, so where were you on thursday?" Most of us knew already, but he kind of didn't answer for a second. Student says "what, were you with a girl?" and our TA finally said "My car broke." Someone else called out "Oh, is that what you call it now?" Whole class laughed. I rolled my eyes.

Lots of boring matrix stuff. Inverses, and whatnot.

Japanese exam. Very confusing setup. Different forms had differnet covers and the scantron filling out section started on question 36 (?!) and it was all just a dumb thing. The guy is a great teacher, very entertaining: but his administrative skills suck. However, there were only a few questions where I didn't feel fairly confident with my answer (it felt almost like I was back in high school) so I didn't mind. Although the crowded ness of the room sucked. We had to sit in every chair because that lecture hall is packed when everyone shows up. probably 250 people in an auditorium that seats 300: and 20-30 of those are unusable because they don't have desk things. So that was a bit crowded. Finished that like 10-15 minutes early, and left.

It's fucking freezing out, i discovered as I walked home. Came back, went online. Tried talking to Sarah, which didn't work out so well, and started writing this. and now i'm really hungry (haven't eaten anything yet) so i'll go down to the dining hall to try to eat something, i guess *sigh* Stupid lack of food, stoopid missing sarah because i love her and i don't get to see her for another 3 weeks.

I dreamt last night, but I don't know what it was about. It wasn't really happy, nor was it sad. It was just an everyday life kind of dream. kind of dull, just like everything else in my life.

This is me. This is what I do. Nothing. boredom, annoyingness. People don't even insult me properly anymore, that's how little i matter.

To whoever I'm hosting for: it's gotten 418 hits so far. Congratulations, looks like you're pretty popular. (that's the 6th most popular item on my site, which isn't bad considering the top one has 20000 requests.)

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