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Virgin Purity

Here is the result of your Virgin's Purity Test.
You answered "yes" to 60 of 132 questions, making you 54.5% sexually pure (45.5% sexually corrupt); that is, you are 54.5% pure in the sex domain.

That one sounds way more accurate. The thing is, I haven't had sex. And on the other test, that kills 50% of the answers right there. Take away the drugs, and that's another 10% or so. I mean, how could I get an accurate representation?

But this is me. 55% pure is about right. I'm not horribly pure, but i'm not totally dirty either. Although there's probably a large portion of things on that list I would do. Just... no oppourtunity. How dissapointing ;)

So, just thought I'd mention that. Physics lab tonight is going to suck, and the next three days are going to be horrible: 3 exams (1 tues, 1 weds, 1 thurs) plus another next monday. bleh.

*smooches pie_is_good* Too lazy to email. I should be around when you get back from work, but i'll be studying my ass off, so possibly not communicative.

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