Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

My purity test says:
You answered "yes" to 71 of 500 questions, making you 85.8% sexually pure (14.2% sexually corrupt); that is, you are 85.8% pure in the sex domain.

That aint bad. then again, some of that crap was pretty fecking sick. Necrophilia, infantilism (a dependency on the sight or feeling of diapers or of being diapered; a dependency on being dressed and treated as a baby), cocrophilia (a marked interest in excrement; esp. the use of feces or filth for sexual excitement)... that's just sick. Like doug said: some of that shit is enough to turn me gay.

I'd be interested in seeing what you would get on it ;)

Ang and I talked on the phone for a couple hours, which was a nice change of pace from my fecking homework. Sergio got back around 1am (which is too bad, I was starting to enjoy having the room to myself). Luckily meg stayed out while he wans't here. I wasn't in a good mood to deal with other people. Which is why long distance phone callage was such a great idea! :)

I had a pretty good weekend. It wasn't the best, but I felt fairly productive (especially tonight!) even though my friday night i felt like a complete idiot.

Let's see. Oh, anyone who wanted to talk to me (this mostly applies to you), sorry about that. the phone call kind of caught me off guard, and then I never put up an away message. Although I'm glad you're happy ;)

Prompted by our phone conversation, a poll.

Poll #105571 Kisses

If your (hypothetical) significant other kissed someone of the oppisite orientation, would you mind?

Definitely Yes
Not sure
Definitely not: I'd want to watch!

Why/Why not?

Please note that "oppisite orientation" is supposed to be non-orientation specific. I want to ask: if you're a girl, would you mind your boyfriend kissing a boy? Boyfriend, your girlfriend kissing a girl, Girlfriend, your girlfriend kissing a boy, boyfriend, your boyfriend kissing a girl... i think you get my point. Bi couples obviously don't work so well with this, because there is a possibility of jealousy from either side. So, if you think the poll is badly worded/doesn't apply, feel free to fill in a random value and state so in the text box. Multiple sexualities are hard to accomodate for sometimes ;) In any case. would it bother you?

I find it to be an interesting question. I mean, if I go out and kiss a guy, it's not like I'm going to run off with him, right? Maybe I just need soemthing from him that Sarah can't give! ;) I've never really thought about it before, mostly becasue I generally find guys+guys to be... meh. Guy+Guy makes me think Naked Guy + Naked Guy (stupid pornography influence), and that is just... silly. Naked guys are goofy looking. trust me, I have enough naked pictures of myself to know.

That's enough curiosity for 3 in the morning. Sarah, I love you. Everyone else, you rock. I hope everyone has a great week, and happy monday!

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