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Engineering Semi-Formal

Yay for flooding your friends page!

Anyway. The dance. I got back around 9:45. yay.

It wasn't horrible. The dinner was very formal, the dance was like dressy-casual. The food was really good. Met some neat people, like the senior sorority girl Donna, and the president of Engineering Council, Nathan, plus his girlfriend. Also sat with Andre, Christy's old roomate.

The whole thing was mostly upperclassman. Not a problem, but i just didn't know anyone, which was kind of hard. Lots of people drinking, but not acting drunk. (Possibly left a bit early for that).

I won the "best booty for a male" dnacing contest thing. I won three free drinks. But since i'm underage, and don't drink, i had him give them to a random girl. SHould have given them to a non-random girl, but i didn't really care.

Engineers are cool. Lots of really cute girls there. Lots of cool guys. shitty shitty rap music. *sigh* Why do people think rap is good dance music? Trance, house, hiphop, Jock jams are good dance music. Rap is good booty music. we're not good booty dancers.

I wonder if i should have just taken the drinks and gotten drunk. Dad and dave are staying here tonight, so that might not have been the best thing to do. Anyway, i'm here, feeling like shit, and a ton of work to do tomorrow.

Meh. What's this schoolwork thing in classes here? It's hard, and not fun, and i don't want to take three exams (tues weds thurs) next week. meh.

Thanks for all the cool comments you guys made. It was a poster of "marines" that sergio has. i'll take a picture when it's light. maybe my other posters too! if i'm not lazy or busy. <-IRC Voices. <-IRC names/nicks/journals

Oh, and thanks for all the help you guys tried to offer with my hair. I really just need to get it cut, it's a mess, like some people keep saying.

Have I mentioned that I really think I look good shirtless? becaus I do. I like my chest ;) And I'm a weirdo for saying that, but I just had to.

And now I'll do something else.
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