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(no subject)
Engineering Semi-formal, prepare to be stunned ;)

I am a sex god. And I have come to take you away.

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w00t! Go you! :D

And what is that poster of? Are my eyes deceiving me, or is that a Gundam?

I'm seeing the words "Marbok" there. oo;

And you're myyy sex god! :)

*quoting Angus etc.*

"What an unbelievably BRILLIANT night.
Double cool with knobs.
Robbie KISSED me.
The Sex God has landed."

You just need a tophat and cane.

*thumbs up*

Lookin' good! :)


I'm guessing since you're on AOL you're not back yet :(

chris. you know i love you.

but that hair needs serious help.

this comment totally goes against the post i'm going to make later, too. whee.

I agree. I tried to fix it, and asked for help on IRC.

I didn't know what else to do.

Snippity snippy. And tidy that room young man!

*pets the Chris* Aww :) Scary, but awww! ^^;

I adore the position of your legs. Only I would stare at your legs instead of your face. o.o;

I did too, reminds me of bond for some reason.

*is stunned*

No, not really. V. nice. But I can't really imagine a dance with all engineering majors. Aren't like, half of those people the people who never got asked to a dance? :P Just kidding.

These people weren't. Mostly Seniors/Juniors, since it was a cash bar. good food, good people, crappy music. I wish I'd had somebody I knew there though. IT would have made the whole thing more enjoyable.

I left early, because people were in their own groups, the music sucked, and they were starting to get drunk :)

HAH! How horribly amusing. Pictures of sex-god Chris! Have you seen Austin Powers Goldmember? You look practically exactly like "teenager!austin" who was at that time, dorm sex god. Sarah is lucky! ;)

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