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Today I did nothing improtant.
I slept until 9:30, woke up to sergio's alarm, and decided not to go to physics. I stayed at home and worked my ass off on my CS225 MP that I'm going to flunk on because I'm learning now that I'm way too stupid to be able to be in this class. I then ate 3 cookies because I didn't get time for lunch, went to math225. We learned how to solve a system of equations for mixing a martini. Used units like volume, price, and alcohol content to achieve desired paramters (50g alcohol, 200 ml volume, 3 bucks price). Also learned how to do things using ohms law, but he didn't finish that.
Went to japenese, where we learned about the Noh plays, kind of. His powerpoint was broken, so he just talked, which doesn't work nearly as well as with the powerpoint, because he's kind of a dull speaker, but he does really good, useful powerpoints that are good for taking notes.

Because the powerpoint was broken, we watched a really scary national georaphic-esque film on Noh plays that scared the crap outta me. It was very weird. Luckily, laura and i were sitting together, so we got to make fun of the makeout couple (they sit 2nd row center every day) for 30 minutes, then darcy joined us in making fun of them on the way back to the dorm.

I have overdue dvd's that i didn't turn back in yet because it's too cold out, and I don't really care. I still have only eaten 3 cookies since 11pm last night, when I had ramen. I might actually eat dinner tonight: or just go to jimmy johns. I'm reallly hungry, and there is no food left here. Maybe even go to latenight, then go to bed early so I can be up and awake for my 8am physics section. Have 231 MP to do, along with 225 mp. Sam can't give me a ride home, so I'm stuck on the bus both ways.

Going to grandma's on sunday, which sucks, because it means lots of sarah time. Apparently I'm going to be getting something in the mail from someone before this weekend, hopefully.

I came back to my room and didn't notice that there were three feet sticking out from under the blanket on sergio's bed for 40 minutes. Meg Ryan apparently took another nap here. Gave shannon a nice invite code to give to her chris, and now I'm trying to get my c++ mp done a little bit more. It's getting close, except I have huge memory leaks all over, and some of my things that are supposed to be pointers aren't, which I need to fix. No destructor yet. Oh well, porr glsn1 will have to deal with my little bits of memory crap. Especially since I'm just trying to get it to compile right now.

Allex has been writing even though she says she's not supposed to be/going to be on the internet. I have been extremely busy, between shitloads of homework (and exams that start next week) and helping mark out with Today I'm really trying to manage my time efficiently, and other than this entry that I was requested to make, I've been doign fairly well. No huge comment whoring, no rereading old friends entries for comments, or anything like that.

Let's see... I hate myself, I'm a horrible person to everyone including my girlfriend, I don't really deserve all the good things I get, and I don't care about anyone but myself because I'm a self serving psychotic male bastard.

I think that's just about everything.

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