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AP English, 7th Hour
Was Lost, Now Found

Wildy through the abyss
People pass through
But mean nothing.

Out of the shadows
Comes a light
A guide...
A force.

It shines
More than ever
It glows.

Like a moth to light
I am pulled
against my will

I resist!
I pull back!
But it is too strong

In the end...
Peace. Happiness.
The unfelt joy returns

And I?
I live again.
The swirl has stopped.
And I am at peace.

Throughout high school I’ve felt as if I was being left behind. I’ve felt as if I was missing some key element that everyone else knew. But in the end of my senior year, I’ve found something to give my life some kind of worth. All that bitterness I had built up inside from feeling left out for so long finally escaped, and I felt free. This poem expresses exactly how I’ve always felt. No longer do I merely drift through life - I now find that I can relate more closely to many people. I’d always felt lost and left behind, but with the stability recently provided in my life as I approach the end of my senior year, I am able to truly appreciate life for what it is worth - not just the grades, not just the learning, or how many extra-curriculars I particpate in, but the people I deal with. The relationships between myself and others have always been the key to existence. I live again... I am at peace. This revelation has occured after the long time I spent floundering through. In the past people would pass through, but mean nothing. Even when the situation presented itself, I held back at first, not realizing that the true path to happiness lay through the barriers of personal relationships. Over time, I worked this out, and am now at peace.

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Wow, Chris. This is awesome.

*wishes she could write good poetry*


I like the one from when I was mad at him too...^^
But I don't count if *I* leave notes. *giggles*

AH! AP English! ::hides::
How is it? AP English scares me, as do most APs.
But I have 3 years until I decide if AP English is for me. ::Cowers::

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